“I want to learn how to write”

UNICEF is following Nyanthon's first year at school

Helene Sandbu Ryeng
A girl raising her hand in class
05 March 2020


Nyanthon Joseph is seven years old and has just started her first year in primary school, at Venus Star Academy in Juba, the capital of south Sudan. at home she has three brothers and a sisters. Even though it is her first year at school, Nyanthon already knows how to write her name.



UNICEF South Sudan/Ryeng


Nyanthon can count to 100. If your don't believe it, check out the video. The seven-year-old learned all the basics  in nursery school and her older brother has also helped her practice at home..Not all the children in her class had the same opportunity, so, they practice together.


UNICEF South Sudan/Ryeng


Even though she can write her name and knows the letters in the alphabet, she needs to learn how to put them together forming words and sentences. "I want to learn how to write," she says a week before starting primary one.

"What else do you want to learn?"

"I want to learn science and a little bit about everything so I know something."


UNICEF South Sudan/Ryeng


Venus Star Academy has embraced making learning fun for the youngest students, including Nyathon.


UNICEF South Sudan/Ryeng


UNICEF South Sudan will follow Nyanthon through her first year in primary school at Venus Star Academy.


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