The global challenge that affects everyone

A blog post by Yar Machar

Yar Machar
A girl looking into the camera
07 November 2020

Climate change is the global challenge that affects everyone.

In South Sudan we suffer a lot from climate change, and we are facing this in our daily lives. A lot of areas get flooded with water and a lot of children die in the flood. And because of cutting down trees the floods are increasing. Droughts are also making it hard to get food. It destroys plants and crops.

A lot of people use water bodies to throw waste and garbage that is making it hard to get clean water. Severe weather conditions bring more diseases and a lot of people can’t handle the harsh weather conditions, so they get more sick and some of them just die.

It never feels secure during climate change, because it is destroying house, properties and land. People keep on moving looking for a better settlement in higher lands. Burning trash is also another problem in South Sudan and this needs trash to be regularly collected and recycled.

All this are worsening every day. If we can’t save our only planet, then where are we going to live? Let’s join hands for a clean and better environment in South Sudan. We deserve better health and better environment.