Fighting COVID-19 in South Sudan

Battling a pandemic in one of the world's most fragile countries

Yves Willemot
A man standing in front of a handwashing station
24 July 2020

In South Sudan, the number of reported COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise. South Sudan has one of the weakest health care systems in the world, hence, prevention is critical. UNICEF is leading together with the Government of South Sudan awareness raising efforts, ensuring everyone knows about the Coronavirus disease and how to stay safe. Furthermore, UNICEF is leading on hygiene prevention efforts including access to handwashing and face masks.

UNICEF South Sudan

In the weeks and months to come, UNICEF and partners will continue to roll-out activities to prevent the spread of the COVID-19  in South Sudan, in partnership with the World Bank and thanks to the generous support USAID, UKAID, the Japan Government, as well as Denmark and the National Committees for UNICEF.