Achieving humanitarian goals together

Partnerships are like relationships, they need to be nurtured.

Simon Char, a social worker for Intersos, is registering an unaccompanied boy living in the Malakal PoC.
UNICEF/South Sudan/Ryeng

21 March 2019

The last two weeks, UNICEF staff and partners from the NGO Forum have explored how to be better partners to each other, including what not to do.

“Participants really laughed a lot at the antics of their fellow participants during the session that showed the effects of not listening and the relationship between active listening and respect,” said Lenni George of The Development Alchemists, facilitating the workshops.

UNICEF has 157 implementing partners in South Sudan, instrumental to achieve our common goal; realizing every child’s rights. In 2018, several NGOs in South Sudan expressed a desire to improve partnership working and to achieve this the workshops in the principles of partnership were organized.

The responses to the workshop have been overwhelmingly positive. “Great”, “Fabulous” and “The first of its kind” were some of the descriptions participants used when referring to The Principles of Partnership workshop delivered. “I did not know trust was an equation – I love it!” said one of the participants after the session on trust, which is crucial to maintain a good relationship.

Words on a blue background
Some of the words the participants used in the feedback after the workshop.

UNICEF’s ultimate goal is for every child to survive and thrive, a huge task no one is able to tackle on their own. Therefore, UNICEF thank all the partners from National, International NGOs and community-based organizations across the country for their contributions.

If you have any questions, please contact UNICEF partnerships specialist, Paula Morais at