An Ebola survivor’s mission to prevent an outbreak
5 December 2018 – “Ebola kills you know, and no one knows that better than me,” says Dominic Sarawasi with conviction. His close contact with the deadly disease has not turned him into a beaten man, rather a determined one.

“Involving children in decision-making shows love and respect for their rights”
29 November 2018 – Eight-year-old Kukuac Kimo is bubbly and has a great personality, but most importantly he is passionate about peace, love and respect for one another. Kukuac is one of many children in South Sudan who have been on the move for years.

Connecting the dots
28 November 2018 – “If I had known the danger I put my unborn child in, I would have asked for the vaccine a long time ago,” Biec Laat says thoughtfully while the rain is pouring down outside, threatening to flood her small hut.

Back in class after 50 years
31 October 2018 – “Who knows how long I will stay in school, I might join the university and study nursing,” says sixty-five-year-old Catheria Keratho Adwak Akoth.

Music for mothers: Singing South Sudan mother-to-mother support network helps new-borns
15 October 2018 – Leaping high into the air to the beat of a drum, two dozen women dance in a circle, singing out loud. “Wash your hands,” the group sings. “Make sure what you feed your baby is clean.” The song, performed by mothers at a clinic...

Beads and barefoot nurses: South Sudan’s community health workers reach remotest lands
15 October 2018 – Slowly passing a string of large white beads through her fingers, healthcare worker Lokale Marko counts the breaths of the six-month old girl held in front of her. At each breath, another bead slides through her fingers.

Starting from the beginning
1 October 2018 – Abil is tottering hesitantly outside the family’s tukul, still feeling her way forward as the strength in her legs have just returned to normal. Four months ago the two-year-old fell sick.

Transforming home and school life through water and sanitation programmes
5 September 2018 – Christine, a demure and slight woman, is keen to tell us about the latrine she has constructed, if only because she is still in need of a final element that will complete her project, the concrete slab that seals the latrine and...

Before it is too late
3 September 2018 – It is love with every stroke. Ayen Kuac is using the rim of her blue blouse to wipe away peanut paste from Yar’s face. She can’t stop smiling. In the last ten minutes, worry has turned into hope as Yar has passed the appetite test.

A new lease of life for school girls in South Sudan
3 September 2018 – The 16-year-old shouts out that there’s no better teacher than ‘Mr. James Mawel’, who teaches English and Mathematics lessons at the Udaba Primary School.

Healthy practices ensure a healthy start for every child
15 August 2018 – Abyok is the only health centre with capacity of treatment of severely acute malnourished children with medical complications for kilometers along the only tarmac road in Renk county, Upper Nile.

I went to buy bananas
24 July 2018 – “They will kill me if they find me,” says James, who has looked over his shoulder since the day he escaped from the armed group that abducted him in Western Equatoria, South Sudan.

Off-grid communities turn to solar power for clean water
16 July 2018 – How solar-powered water systems are helping children in remote communities like Yambio access clean water in health centres, schools and homes

“Many fathers are missing out”
11 June 2018 – Daro Momo lifts his daughter Opia Mirabelle, and starts spinning her around in the middle of the living room. The one and a half-year-old squeals of excitement. Daro wrap his arms around his little girl.

“I didn't know if he was alive”: Former child soldier reunited with family in South Sudan
18 May 2018 – A boy was rescued by aid workers after being forced to fight with an armed group in South Sudan. Then the search for his family began.

Pulling children out of hunger, disease and death in war-torn South Sudan
15 April 2018 – The ready-to-use therapeutic food to treat malnutrition is rescuing the most vulnerable children, especially in several internally displaced families

Introducing agricultural practices in a pastoral community yields rewarding results
11 April 2018 – The destroyed beige walls of the Bentiu civil hospital, ridden with bullet holes, stand as a somber reminder of the deadly fighting that engulfed the town over four years ago, claiming hundreds of innocent lives.

Helping adolescent girls and women, in conflict-ridden South Sudan, emerge strong and independent
30 March 2018 – Awareness, counselling and vocational skills are enabling several girls and women to substantially improve their quality of life

Integrating critical services to save lives of mothers and children across South Sudan
30 March 2018 – UNICEF supported health facilities are integrating nutrition and WASH services to cure and prevent life-threatening diseases among women and children

Enabling access to safe drinking water pulls entire villages out of distress
25 March 2018 – Simple, yet robust, mechanisms for drinking water distribution are significantly improving the quality of life for the people of Renk, especially the women and children.

Refugees in South Sudan face hunger and ethnic tension
22 March 2018 – South Sudan is producing more refugees than any other African nation, but it is also hosting tens of thousands of people who have fled fighting in Sudan.

For children in South Sudan, education offers the brightest ray of hope
19 March 2018 – Schools run by UNICEF in a camp for those displaced by the conflict are nurturing children’s dreams of a future free from war.

In South Sudan, saving children by preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV
13 March 2018 – Cheerful banter fills the sturdy white tent erected on the large, barren premises of the Wau Teaching Hospital. Inside the tent, over two dozen women are sprawled on a green carpet with watchful eyes while their children play next to them.

A ‘silent killer’, maternal and neonatal tetanus, is causing deaths of mothers and newborns across South Sudan
8 March 2018 – Araw Ayom was her first child. His 21-year-old mother gave birth to him, a healthy boy of 2.75 kg, in the early hours of January 29. For three days, she gazed in awe as he slept, cried and suckled for milk.

A plastic sheet, razor blade and jerry can: all you need to deliver a baby in South Sudan
28 February 2018 – Nyibol Mayen Ayual lays out a ragged blue plastic sheet on the dirt floor of her crowded hut where she lives here with her five children, three goats and a few chickens. “This is where I will deliver my baby,” she says.

In South Sudan, keeping girls in school by helping them manage their periods
21 February 2018 – It’s the moment a South Sudanese girl dreads: having her menstrual period when she’s at school. Menstruating for girls in the world’s youngest nation is considered so shameful, many drop out and fail to complete their educations.

Against all odds
20 February 2018 – In South Sudan, one in 26 newborn babies die within the first month of life. Many of these deaths are preventable.

How solar power fridges are helping save lives in world's least electrified country
31 January 2018 – Vaccines save lives, but to be effective they need to be kept cool. In South Sudan, the least electrified country in the world, temperatures frequently exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

“We are here for a purpose” – Aiding women and children in one of the toughest assignments
24 January 2018 – In northern South Sudan a camp for families displaced by fighting has become the second largest settlement in the country after the capital, Juba. For humanitarian workers there to assist them, life has few comforts, but many rewards.

Rain, roads and checkpoints: the challenges of supplying South Sudan
23 January 2018 – Truck driver Rogers Kenei knows just how dangerous and difficult it can be to deliver aid for UNICEF around civil war-torn South Sudan. Four drivers and one driver assistant have lost their lives since 2013.

In South Sudan, registering a birth, providing an identity
13 January 2018 – A new pilot program helps provide children in the world’s youngest country with the documents they need to prove their nationality.



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