Evaluation of UNICEF Response to SSD Humanitarian Crisis 2016-2019_Part 2

Emergency Education, Child Protection and related issues

child at a water kiosk


"Evaluation of UNICEFs Response to the SSD Humanitarian Crisis 2016-2019_Part 2" aims to provide evidence-based findings and recommendations to guide UNICEF’s ongoing humanitarian response in South Sudan, in particular around child protection and education programmes as well as cross-cutting themes around partnerships and use of data and evidence to inform programmes. This L3 part 2 evaluation builds upon the L3 Part 1 evaluation previously released. 

These findings will help to inform the development of UNICEF South Sudan’s Country Programme 2023-2025; inform UNICEF led clusters and coordination leads responsible for contributing to the HCT-led interagency humanitarian response; inform staff in UNICEF ESARO and HQ Divisions (EMOPS, PD, Supply, DHR and others) who are responsible for coordinating and supporting L3 and L2 humanitarian response. Beyond UNICEF and its immediate stakeholders, the findings can help to inform relevant stakeholders such as Government, UN, CSO partners and donors.

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