Education Budget Brief 2019/2020

My education, my future, my life

A boy smiling and looking at the camera


The theme of the South Sudan education budget brief for the financial year (FY) 2019/20 is ‘my education, my future, my life’. The theme aims to shift the nature of the budget brief from being not only a social sector budget analysis, but also to focus on how budget and policy decisions impact individual children. This, the second education budget brief, aims to explore the extent to which the approved estimates of national expenditure FY2019/20 address the education needs of children in South Sudan.

The main objective is to synthesize complex budget information so that it is easily understood by stakeholders and the public, and make practical recommendations that can inform better decision-making. This brief analyses the size and composition of approved budget allocations in FY2019/20 and offers insights into the efficiency, effectiveness, equity and adequacy of education spending.

The front page of the report, a picture of children in a classroom
Ministry of General education and Instruction with the support of UNICEF South Sudan
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