South Sudan COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health Systems Preparedness Project

Providing health care for some of the most vulnerable people in South Sudan

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Update 10 March 2022

UNICEF is in discussions with the World Bank to seek additional financing of the current project to expand efforts and respond to needs related to flooding, refugees and host communities. Key draft risk mitigation documents under review include:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Environmental and Social Commitment Plan


Access to health care is not a luxury, it is a basic human right. Yet, too many people in South Sudan are deprived of this right and therefore deprived of dignity and years of their lives. In 2019, UNICEF and the World Bank entered into a partnership with the aim of increasing access to essential health services in some of the areas hardest hit by conflict with some of the worst health indicators in the country.

The Provision of Essential Health Services Project is providing health care services including essential medicines in Upper Nile State, Jonglei State and the Greater Pibor Administrative Area. As the situation in South Sudan is evolving quickly, two of the project's key documents were recently updated to reflect emerging risks and related risk mitigation measures; namely, the Social Assessment Report and the Environmental and Social Management Frameworks.

For transparency, the documents can be found in the drop-down menu to the right and at the World Bank's project site where all the project documents can be found.


This notice is to inform you that UNICEF and World Bank are planning to enter into a partnership to continue services provided under the Provision of Essential Health Services Project and to provide additional support to South Sudan for:

  1. National COVID-19 vaccine deployment costs, including solarization of cold chain equipment
  2. Continued provision of essential health services in the states of Upper Nile and Jonglei
  3. Building institutional capacity at the national Ministry of Health
  4. Project monitoring and learning

The new project is called South Sudan COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health Systems Preparedness Project. As part of the planning process, UNICEF is required to publicly disclose the project Environment and Social Commitment Plan as well as the Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

Both documents are living documents and will be updated throughout the life of the project.

If you would like a copy of these documents, please click the Download button to the right.

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