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Preventing malaria, one net at a time
22 May 2015 – As the onset of the rainy season threatens a rise in malaria cases in South Sudan, UNICEF is helping to protect families with insecticide-treated bed nets and medication.

A taste of hope in South Sudan
12 November 2014 – In one hand, Nyakuoy cradles her 12-month-old baby boy, Nyepuote, close to her body, and in the other she holds a sachet of ready-to-use therapeutic food.

South Sudan – portrait of a humanitarian hero
22 August 2014 – Although UNICEF does not routinely treat the sick, Thomas took the extra step to save the baby’s life.

Response teams rush to treat rising malnutrition
23 April 2014 – Nine-month-old Jock Chabang, one of the youngest citizens in the world’s newest country, has already experienced a great deal of hardship in his lifetime.

Maternal Mortality, a big challenge for the world’s newest nation
12 July 2013 - With less than two years to the Millennium Development Goals, South Sudan still has a long way to go in order to reduce maternal mortality.

Born into so much hope, South Sudan's first baby “Independence Moses” shows nation has a long way to improve child survival
9 July 2013 - Checking in on the first baby born after independence shows the difficulties of surviving in South Sudan. Despite improvements, one in nine children dies before turning five, and one in seven makes it to adulthood.

Beneath a tree: Christina Reynolds joins UNICEF on a journey to save women's lives in South Sudan
May 2013 - South Sudan has one of the world’s highest maternal-mortality rates - 2,054 per 100,000 births. “It’s a country starting from scratch. There is no health system in place,” says Paula Nuer, a healthspecialist with UNICEF.

Malnutrition in Yida camp: Safa's story
3 November 2012 - Little Safa gets a new life through timely treatment of severe malnutrition.

Increasing demand for vaccination services
7 June 2012 - This recent round of immunizations saw throngs of mothers arrive at the Munuki Primary Health Care Center to have their children vaccinated – an indication that parents are increasingly motivated to protect their children from disease.

Hunger a daily reality for children
14 May 2012 - Across South Sudan hunger is a daily reality for many children. More than a quarter of South Sudanese children under age 5 are moderately or severely underweight.

South Sudan faces challenges providing maternal and child health care
13 April 2012 – Emerging from a two-decade civil war, the world’s youngest nation faces many challenges in providing health care to its population, particularly maternal and newborn health care. Only 19% of births are attended by a skilled health worker.

On the eve of independence, the Government and UNICEF inaugurate a new ward at the country’s only children’s hospital
8 July 2011 - The opening of a new ward at a children’s hospital marks a small step towards tackling the daunting challenges facing public health officials in South Sudan, two days before the birth of the world’s newest nation.



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