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In South Sudan, a school reopens, but risks remain
20 February 2015 – Returning to the classroom is a welcome occasion for students and teachers alike in one town in South Sudan, but continued conflict and displacement mean that their safety remains fragile.

Long way back to freedom: Child soldiers in South Sudan
27 January 2015 – After being forced to join an armed group in South Sudan, a boy escapes his life as a combatant, but finds that the freedom of his life before is still far off.

Media makes a difference!
19 December 2014 – How can media reduce – or escalate – conflict? What is the responsibility of journalists when there is violent conflict? How can media report on children without causing any harm?

A mother’s nightmare in South Sudan
18 December 2014 – It was a cold and dark April evening in the Protection of Civilians (PoC) site in Bor, Jonglei State, when Alice*, a 25-year old mother of three, displaced by the conflict that broke out last December, began to worry – again.

Give peace a chance. Run with youth.
16 December 2014 – The bells of celebration that rang around South Sudan just two years ago, are today emergency sirens. And while South Sudan is a crisis for children and of young people, sparse global attention has been paid to them.

A taste of hope in South Sudan
12 November 2014 – In one hand, Nyakuoy cradles her 12-month-old baby boy, Nyepuote, close to her body, and in the other she holds a sachet of ready-to-use therapeutic food.

In South Sudan, a single mother’s fight to survive
10 October 2014 – The remoteness of Cuaca’s new home makes it a hard place to raise her three children. There are no roads, markets, hospitals or schools. Two of the four wells in the village are broken, while the population there has doubled.

In South Sudan, rapid response brings aid to remote locations
2 October 2014 – With small teams of specialists deployed to remote areas of South Sudan, UNICEF is helping to bring desperately needed assistance to communities coping with conflict, displacement and malnutrition.

Flooding compounds nightmare
4 September 2014 – Shelters in several areas at the Bentiu PoC site remain largely flooded, exacerbating living conditions for the site’s approximately 40,000 displaced and increasing the risk of waterborne disease.

A desperate struggle against starvation in South Sudan
25 August 2014 – As a food crisis threatens millions in conflict-stricken South Sudan, families are eating whatever they can to survive. Without more urgent international help, many will likely die of starvation.

Response to looming threats of disease and malnutrition is a race against time and the elements
1 August 2014 – Veronica Nyapar Kai plucks the dry reeds from the muddy soil and lays them in a neat pile. For the past few months, these reeds have served as walls for her family’s home. Now, she dismantles these walls. Today, the family will seek highe

In South Sudan, educating children in crisis
24 June 2014 – In South Sudan, a joint UNICEF-USAID project aims at supporting education for children who have been affected by the country’s continuing conflict.

All I want is peace – a child’s testimony
16 June 2014 – Every time I close my eyes, I can still see images of the gunmen shooting and killing people. It feels like it happened yesterday. I’m afraid of closing my eyes or going to sleep because I re-live those bad days.

Ensuring safe pregnancy and birth for internally displaced mothers
5 June 2014 – He is only four hours old when we meet – born on a thin, foam single mattress that lies on a dirt floor, inside a small plastic sheet shelter of the massive Mingkaman internally displaced persons site in South Sudan.

Education is crucial for children affected by emergencies
29 May 2014 – It is a chilly, rainy Thursday morning in Juba. Despite the weather, people appear to be going about their activities as normal at the Mahad settlement for internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Home, for now: 20,000 call Tomping’s tent-shelters home
7 May 2014 – While walking through the maze of plastic-sheeted tent shelters that make up the Tomping PoC site for internally displaced people in Juba, it does not take one long to realize how vital UNICEF’s work is for displaced children.

Lost and alone: One girl's nightmare amid the violence of South Sudan
2 May 2014 – Nyagonar* still remembers the last time she saw her mother. It was in Malakal, one of many towns in South Sudan where fighting and insecurity have become constant threats.

Layers of loss: An interview with photojournalist Kate Holt on war-torn South Sudan
30 April 2014 – Advocating for human rights and illuminating their abuses has taken Zimbabwe-born photojournalist Kate Holt around the globe. Last month, on assignment for UNICEF, she returned to South Sudan.

Response teams rush to treat rising malnutrition
23 April 2014 – Nine-month-old Jock Chabang, one of the youngest citizens in the world’s newest country, has already experienced a great deal of hardship in his lifetime.

Today, it takes a village
28 March 2014 – With the rainy season looming, UNICEF is seizing every opportunity to rapidly deploy teams and life-saving supplies to the hardest to reach. This story describes the first such mission.

Amid the chaos of conflict in South Sudan, reuniting separated children with their families
24 March 2014 – So many questions crossed Josephine’s* mind when she heard the gunfire, back in December. “Is the country going back to war? Will my children live the same life I did? What about the safety of my children?”

Early storm is a warning of devastation to come in South Sudan
10 March 2014 – The storm came with such speed and ferocity that no one was prepared, twenty year-old Thot told me the following morning, as families around us struggled to find places out of the water and mud to dry their mattresses and clothing.

Reuniting children lost amid the violence in South Sudan
14 February 2014 – Far from home, in the company of strangers who speak a language they do not know, a small group of boys and girls play in the dust of the Juba child welfare centre. They are among hundreds of children lost or unaccompanied in the chaos

In South Sudan’s capital, critical aid reaches conflict-displaced families
20 February 2015 – Returning to the classroom is a welcome occasion for students and teachers alike in one town in South Sudan, but continued conflict and displacement mean that their safety remains fragile.

Christmas babies a bright point amid suffering in South Sudan
27 December 2013 - Doctors in military hospitals do not normally deliver a lot of babies, but at the small hospital serving the peacekeeping base of the United Mission in South Sudan, the capital Juba, they are suddenly getting a lot of practice.

UNICEF and partners respond to the refugee situation in Maban
5 November 2012 - Malnutrition is a serious challenge in Maban County, which is home to over 100,000 refugees from the Sudan.

UNICEF and partners support victims of inter-communal conflict in Jonglei
5 March 2012 - It was an ecstatic scene as Nora Wacha, a 20-year-old woman who had been abducted during the recent fighting between the Murle and Lou Nuer tribes in South Sudan’s Jonglei State, was reunited with her family in Pibor.

Field diary: UNICEF prepares to help victims of conflict in South Sudan
5 January 2012 - Over recent days, Pibor county in Jonglei state of South Sudan saw an eruption of violence between the Murle tribe tribe and the Lou Nuer tribe, forcing thousands of people to take refuge in surrounding bush areas.



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