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The video game idea that caused a walkout at a gaming convention
11 December 2014 – In an effort to raise awareness of the situation of children in South Sudan, UNICEF embarked on an unusual kind of campaign.

Finding Perspective in South Sudan – Dr. Yasmin’s Journey
August 2013 – Meeting Dr. Yasmin Ali Haque, UNICEF South Sudan’s Country Representative.

On the eve of South Sudan’s second birthday, “Innovation” is the buzz word among young people
July 2013 - South Sudan is an overwhelmingly young nation: over 60% of the populations are children and youths. Martha is one of them. She says, "young people should not be afraid of sharing their ideas."

TEDxJUBA South Sudan: A new nation has the opportunity to rebuild with new ideas
25 July 2012 - Speakers and performers at the UNICEF sponsored event spoke about their initiatives for the young nation and ranged from incredible personal journeys; to private sector entrepreneurs and leading members of arts.



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