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Welcome to the Kids Changing the World Campaign. Woolworths, UNICEF and Heartbeat are committed to raising money to help vulnerable children in South Africa, and therefore making the world a better place. But they can’t do it alone! Changing the world is only possible with your help.

The Kids Changing the World Campaign has been created to allow children to help change the world. Get involved in this today, and get your friends to join you. Not only are there are some great prizes and awards to be won, but you are helping to make the world that we live in a better place.

Below is a list of some ways in which you and your friends can change the world. Ask Mom and Dad if it is fine with them that you take part in the activity. Also, they may be able to help you by taking photos of you completing the activity, and helping you to post them to the available website. That way your friends and other children around the country can see what you have done, and you can share ideas on how they can also take part in changing the world.

© UNICEF/SouthAfrica/Pirozzi
Take action, start a paper recycling scheme at your school.

Some suggested activities:

  • Plant a tree.
  • Have a cake sale with friends and raise money for the Changing the World Campaign.
  • Start a recycling scheme at your school or your home.
  • Ask Mom and Dad to save energy by suggesting that they purchase energy-saving light bulbs, or by making a list of handy power-saving hints and handing them out to friends and family.
  • Tell Mom and Dad to use your pocket money for the week to buy the Buddy-Band from Woolworths for you and your best friend.
  • Find ways to save water and educate all your friends and family on water-saving tips.
  • Donate your old clothing and toys to a charity for less fortunate children.
  • Organise a Fun Day or Fete and donate all the proceeds to the Kids Changing the World Campaign.
  • Ask your school to have a ‘Casual Day’ in which all children can pay R5.00 to come to school in casual clothing, and donate the proceeds to the Kids Changing the World Campaign.
  • Hold an old books and stationary drive at school and donate all that you have collected to a school in need.

Don’t forget to make notes on the activity and post them to the website so that you stand a chance to win some awesome prizes at the end of the year.

Together, we can change the world!





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