04 August 2020

Online donations - Where is my money going?

‘Change requires action. Action requires compassion. Compassion requires information.’ This profound ‘flow chart’ observation by Paul David Tripp is based on practical logic and human motivation. Humanitarian organizations, charities, and NPOs generally operate from the first step: ‘change requires action,’ and that call to action is online…, Information leads to compassion, Even though humanity is wired to feel compassion, psychologist, Paul Slovic, has suggested that ‘our capacity to feel sympathy for people in need appears limited and this form of compassion fatigue can lead to apathy and inaction.’   This is a common experience in developing countries, like South Africa, where poverty and corruption seem pervasive…, Compassion leads to action, Transparent disclosure of the numbers and figures for valid areas of focus justifies the spend and has the capacity to move the heart of people towards action. Hopefully, once you see where online donations will be spent, you will focus on the real potential and tangible difference that you will make to a specific child, community or cause.  If…, Action leads to change, Action presupposes compassion and investment in a cause. Commitment to action means an organization’s cause is justified and beneficial. You are then prepared to be a partner of change, and your online donation becomes an instrument of change.  There is no denying the coronavirus pandemic has introduced unimaginable challenges and action is…, UNICEF South Africa, UNICEF South Africa’s appeal for online donations enables immediate and sustainable solutions in responding to humanitarian needs. Your online donation is an integral part of any campaign gaining momentum and helping those who need it most.  No organization can operate without a financial donor base, and UNICEF South Africa’s commitment is one of…, Take action, Join us in making an impact on the lives of the most vulnerable children in South Africa.