01 July 2008

I am my sister's & brother's keeper

This guidebook is for learners who want to start a Girls and Boys Education Movement (GEM/BEM) club in their schools, and educators, parents, businesses in communities and community members who want to support the GEM/BEM clubs, and Government officials who are responsible for supporting the creation of child-friendly schools in their provinces or districts. The guidebook is intended to give you a better understanding of what the GEM/BEM clubs are, where they come from and what they are trying to achieve, as well as the benefits of belonging to and supporting a GEM/BEM club. It also provides guidance on how to start a GEM/BEM club in your school, including ideas about possible activities that a club can engage in. Overall, the guidebook aims to encourage girls and boys to start GEM/BEM clubs in their schools, as well as encourage educators,  parents, community members, business in communities and other partners in Government to support the setting up and successful  running of the GEM/BEM clubs. The main objective of the Girls and Boys Education Movement clubs is for boys and girls to work together to promote girls’ enrolment and to successfully complete studies in the maths, science and technology fields, since girls have historically been disadvantaged in these fields. The clubs are also intended to empower girls and boys with reliable information and knowledge, to guide them in discussing and addressing issues that are of concern to them in their schools and communities, and to act together to bring about positive changes in their lives and those of their peers.