03 July 2020

UNICEF South Africa CEO Network

The UNICEF CEO Network, comprising a wide array of business leaders from various sectors in South Africa, convenes quarterly to constructively engage on the Sustainable Development Goals  as they relate to children and the operations of the private sector in South Africa and the continent., Vision, Focused on Goal 17, namely Partnerships for the Goals , we envision strong partnerships which translate into sustainable and impactful solutions for children., Benefits, Members participate in a unique knowledge-sharing platform to profile their initiatives and access best practices on integrating the Sustainable Development Goals and National Development Plan 2030 into their business operations. The opportunity to network with like-minded peers on topics such as sustainability, social development and corporate…, Objectives, Create a social compact and shared value partnerships to advance the Sustainable Development Goals and children’s rights in South Africa. Actively raise the profile of children’s rights within the private sector and develop an understanding of how integrating child rights impacts positively on business., Contact details, For more information and to be admitted as a member of the UNICEF CEO Network please contact: Toby Fricker, Chief Communication and Partnerships at tfricker@unicef.org, Locations, The UNICEF CEO Network sessions take place in Johannesburg and Cape Town to accommodate business leaders based in these locations. There are 3 to 4 meetings a year (in both Johannesburg and Cape Town) hosted by members on a rotational basis.