04 April 2024

From waste to livelihoods, ‘ReChas’ take recycling to the next level

In the yard of a Mitchells Plain home, Shevon frantically swings an axe at a large plastic bucket. “This is why I love my job, it’s good for my mental health as well,” says the 38-year-old mother of two, as shards of plastic fly off into a large polyester trash bag. After years working as a waste picker across one of Cape Town’s largest townships…, Environmental, economic, and social impact – a holistic approach, Born and bred in Mitchells Plain, Zach leads the project from the RLabs base in the heart of the community. “We’re trying to address environmental and social aspects together,” he explains. “So, we came up with a model and idea to look at how we get households to really start recycling and to divert more waste-at-source from landfills that can’t…, Taking ReChas to the next level, The project’s unique approach in empowering the local community helped it win the UNICEF and imaGen Ventures, ‘Sustainability Innovation Challenge’, that rewards green initiatives globally with seed funding to continue advancing their innovation.   Improved logistics and efficiency are the result for the ReChas. “The cost of fuel is high, and we…, The green economy in action, A short drive away from the yard where Shevon is working, Muna, a local waste picker, appears from over a hill carrying two trash bags. She’s heading to a ‘ReCha Node’ to trade in her recyclables. It’s where 28-year-old Shandre lives, described as a “champion of ReChas” by Zach for diverting about 27,000 kg of waste from landfills since last…
01 September 2023

Nurturing the future: From learning to earning

The ‘Basic Package of Support Programme’ (BPS) was set up to provide holistic services to improve the wellbeing and employability of young people. This work is urgent. In South Africa, more than 60% of the country’s youth are not in employment, education, or training. In response, the BPS aims to provide youth, aged 15-24-years, with the skills…, Firefighting into the future, Tyrece was born and bred in Atlantis, Western Cape. As a young boy he visited the local fire station and from that moment on dreamt of being a firefighter. But applying for his dream job was not easy with no practical training or experience on how to develop an application and with internet access hard to come. The Atlantis ‘Basic Package of…, Modelling into the future, Shastri was born and bred in Atlantis, Western Cape, a young life full of violence and obstacles. Today, he’s taking his dream of being a model to the next level, working with a team of Youth Coaches as a participant in the ‘Basic Package of Support’ programme that provides holistic services to youth to improve their wellbeing and employability.…, Designing into the future, Meagan was born and bred in Atlantis, Western Cape. She discovered her love and talent for art at a young age. Today, she’s turning her artistic dream into a business venture by selling her artwork and jewellery. The young artist has turned entrepreneur with support from a team of Youth Coaches as a participant in the ‘Basic Package of Support’…, More to explore
11 April 2023

Vuka Vuma Vax! Its a part of life!

From vaccine hesitancy to herd immunity, variants to boosters, COVID-19 to measles – there’s a lot to the vaccination conversation in South Africa. A partnership between UNICEF South Africa and Vuselela Media has been training young community journalists to report on the day-to-day vaccination discussion and surface the stories that move it…, Matsoarelo Makuke | Alex FM | Johannesburg, My name is Matsoarelo Makuke and I represented Alex FM in the Vuka Vuma Vax campaign with UNICEF South Africa. As a community journalist, the experience has been awesome. It provided me with an opportunity to work on my skills and tackling questions and how to handle situations when interviewees go out of context.  Engaging with different people…, Sikelela Rollom | Nkqubela FM | Gqeberha, It has been an absolute pleasure for me to represent Nkqubela FM, a community radio station in Gqeberha, for the Vuka Vuma Vax campaign. Through this campaign I had the opportunity to tell the vaccination stories of the people in my community.   The first thing I learned during the training conducted by Mr Mthoba Chapi is the power of using a…, Bukho Ndamase | UCR FM | Mthatha, There's a piece of writing that says, "life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself".   My name is Bukho Ndamse from Mthatha, representing UCR FM. Throughout the training I felt that I was creating myself.   In the past months I have learnt so much during the training. I went from knowing what exactly a vaccine is, and what the…, Llyle Jefferies | Radio K | Cape Town, VUKA VUMA Vax, the campaign that brought together 32 strangers and had them leave as friends. An eventful and knowledge filled campaign aiding the youth and helping spread the word on today's health issues. The first day we all met on Zoom, a screen filled with happy faces and smiles to be all taught by an excellent lecturer, Mthoba Chapi, a man…