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The Convention on the Rights of the Child (the most ratified agreement in history, signed by leaders of more than 190 countries) is UNICEF’s mandate and guides every step we take for children, in South Africa and around the world.

UNICEF is committed to securing sustainable change for all children - including those who are hard to reach, in the most remote locations.

While working for children isn’t unique to UNICEF, the way we work on their behalf, is:

Sustainability: UNICEF’s solutions are long-term, sustainable and consider a child’s development from birth through childhood and into adolescence. Our life-cycle approach aims for children to survive - and thrive - and become adults who support their families and contribute to their communities and country.

Solutions and scope: the problems facing children are not isolated, but interconnected. UNICEF addresses the links across various dimensions - such as health, education and protection - to ensure that one problem isn’t solved while ignoring another. 

Influence and reach: UNICEF has influence and is an effective convenor - leveraging the resources of government, civil society, business and individuals to achieve the most impact for children. We are on the ground in more than 150 countries; this global presence ensures that UNICEF is always one of the first on the scene in emergency and disaster situations.

Knowledge and action: our evidence-generation - through research and analysis of children’s needs - is unrivalled. But we turn knowledge into action, by using it to persuade governments to act in children’s best interests.

Children’s participation: young voices must be heard. UNICEF encourages children and adolescents to express their views regarding the world around them. Their ideas, experience and insights can enrich adult understanding and make a positive contribution to the actions we take on their behalf.







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