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When you support UNICEF, you invest in a ‘big picture’ approach. How? Because the problems facing children are not isolated, but interconnected. UNICEF addresses the links across various areas in a child’s life - such as health, education and protection - to ensure that one problem isn’t solved at the expense of another.

And as any parent knows, children grow up - fast! That’s why UNICEF also considers the stages of a child’s development … from birth through the primary school years and into adolescence. Your support helps us to achieve this through four focus areas:

  1. Young child survival and development and HIV/AIDS UNICEF promotes life-saving essentials such as immunisation, nutrition and improved neonatal care to reduce the deaths of babies and children. Your support will help to build better healthcare in hospitals, clinics and communities. UNICEF works to ensure that all mothers and children have access to quality health services. Scaling up services to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV - and ensuring that more babies and children get life-saving treatment closer to home – is part of a major strategy that UNICEF is spearheading with the government and other partners.
  2. Basic education and gender equality Education is the only chance that many children have to escape poverty. Improving the quality of education, from early childhood to the teenage years, is key to building a bright future for children - and the country.
  3. Protection of orphans and vulnerable children from violence, exploitation and abuse To spare children the trauma of violence and abuse - and to provide care and help to young victims - support services must be strengthened. Support UNICEF’s efforts to protect the right to childhood - and promote the prevention of abuse.
  4. Policy advocacy and partnerships for children’s rights Much happens ‘behind the scenes’ as UNICEF works to prioritise children’s rights in laws, policies and government budgets - and to provide evidence, based on research, to identify where children are being left behind.

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