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Active Education

Active Education is a sports coaching programme run during school time for all children to foster maximum participation. The programme is run on a ratio of never more than 10 pupils per professional coach.

Active Education offers the school and the student the ability to participate in all sports offered by the school and to decide what sport they would prefer to follow up.  The sports Active Education offers are: Baseball, Netball, Athletics, Cricket, Basketball, Basic tennis, Badminton, Rugby, Hockey, Football, Softball, Water Polo, Volleyball, Snorkelling and T ball. The advantage of this service is that the sport that the school feels students should be competent in, is what is focused on. With over 15 programmes to choose from, the selection process is made easy for students.

Over 15 years of junior coaching experience and each programme is specifically written for a particular age group is brought to the table by the organisation. Each programme consists of a ten-week course; each lesson is either an hour long or 45min long, depending on the time available at the school. Each programme is age specific and provides realistic goals for the students. The programme runs from Gr1 to Gr7 and can be tailored to suit the schools needs.

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Let's Play


It is well documented that children who participate in regular sports activity produce better academic results, are healthier, get less involved in negative behaviour such as crime and drugs, and benefit from raised self-esteem and confidence.

UNICEF and SuperSport are partners in the second year of a sport for development project called Let's Play a Million, which aims to raise 1 million soccer balls by 2010 to provide children of South Africa with access to sport, play and recreation as part of their holistic development.

The Let’s Play a Million project has further support from the Department of Education as part of the Safe and Child Friendly Schools initiative with UNICEF South Africa. Currently, only 23% of learners feel safe attending school. The campaign has raised over 100 000 balls and has impacted well over 500 000 children. The balls assist in the implementation of sport programmes at ground level by community implementing partners to introduce lifeskills through sport activities.'

Let's Play focuses on helping children to live healthier lives, through a shared vision and a network of partners and facilitators. Through the power of sport Let’s  Play helps bridge the racial and social gaps in South Africa and helps ensure that children have a safer, brighter and better tomorrow.

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Little Champs


Little Champs Sports Academy is dedicated to developing and educating children through play and sport, and to delivering the most comprehensive, health conscious, lifestyle program for pre-school children. Little Champs was founded in 1996 to teach gross-motor and life skills development to children between the ages of 3 and 7 through a holistic sport and lifestyle programme in a non-competitive, fun-filled environment

For an hour a week children attend coaching sessions at venues where coaching expertise, equipment and facilities are provided. In that hour children are exposed to an age specific, outcome based programme.  Each year is divided into four quarters of 12 week coaching programs. In each 12 week period, the academy focuses on the acquisition of each skill through fun activities that stimulate the child holistically.

Little Champs implemented the Little Champs Trust and registered Dinaledi Tse Nyane (Section 21 Company) to manage its Corporate Social Investment Funding in previously disadvantaged communities (PDC)

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SCORE recruits and trains international and local volunteers, who are placed in mainly rural communities in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Mozambique where they live with host families for six months to a year implementing SCORE's programmes in the community.

SCORE’s qualified volunteers assist in the implementation of physical education into school timetables, train and assist teachers, and help in the process of lesson planning and evaluation. SCORE’s volunteer coaches and trainers work with schoolteachers and learners to introduce new sports at schools and broaden participation. Working together with volunteers, the teachers coach school teams, participate in friendly matches, leagues and tournaments and organise school sports days.

SCORE volunteers organise sports events, mini-festivals and inter-school or community matches to bring children, youth and adults from different backgrounds together on the sports field- to play, to share their sporting abilities and to learn about one another.

SCORE is a South African non-profit, non-governmental, community development organisation that uses sport and physical activity as a medium of development.

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