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UNICEF/South Africa/Pirozzi
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Fact: 2.5 million South African children are orphaned.

Orphans & Vulnerable Children

When HIV and AIDS strips a family of adults, children are left alone, traumatised and vulnerable. When children lose their parents or caregivers, they lose access to social services and protection from abuse and exploitation. Together with our partners, we make sure that vulnerable children have support from community members when their caregivers become sick or die.

Take Note

  • By 2015, the number of orphans is expected to rise to five million.
  • Grandparents or great-grandparents look after 81 per cent of fostered and orphaned young children.
  • Although 7,2 million poor children benefit from the social grant system, 11 million children are living in households with a monthly income of less than R1,200.

Take Action

Help us help orphans and vulnerable children. Childcare forums, a way for communities to provide care and support to households with orphaned and vulnerable children, have been established in four areas.

Training Resources in Early Childhood Development (TREE) runs a project in KwaZulu-Natal where community family facilitators help families with young orphaned children to apply for social grants and other services.

The Sonke Gender Justice Project in the Eastern Cape mobilises men in the fight against child abuse and gender-based violence.

The Centre for Positive Care in Limpopo works with local authorities and communities to map and plan services for vulnerable children.

The Umtata Child Abuse Resource Centre in Eastern Cape recruits and trains village child protection workers, raises community awareness on violence and identifies locations in villages where children are likely to be abused.

Help us train community volunteers. UNICEF has been working with NGOs and local authorities in four municipalities to set up a system of recruiting and training volunteers who can establish childcare forums in their home areas. A training programme has been developed and will be launched in all nine provinces in 2007.

You Can Make A Difference

Our objective in 2007 is to expand childcare forums in KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and Limpopo and train 2,700 community volunteers.

  • A gift of R3,6 million can train community volunteers to set up childcare forums in one district.
  • A gift of R1,7 million can support a childcare forum for a year.
  • A gift of R910,000 will help to identify and register children for cash support grants in one ward.

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