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Leeroy Jason
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UNICEF South Africa’s Volunteer Programme is a new initiative deploying the actions, ideas and power of people to improve the lives of children everywhere. We're building this global network to bring the power of people into UNICEF.

When communities spend their time working together for the benefit of children, they bring their local knowledge, their skills, connections, stories, and boundless energy. Resources that are indispensable to amplify the impact of our work.

In South Africa we have just started our volunteer initiative. Our focus, at least for the time being, is on university students.

Why do we need volunteers?

We seek to engage young people as volunteers to advise UNICEF South Africa on their priorities, their initiatives, and about the role UNICEF could play in making their aspirations and dreams come true.

What does it mean to volunteer with UNICEF?

  • A chance to get actively involved in setting the agenda for children and young people in South Africa.
  • An excellent opportunity to learn about and help implement national programmes aimed at children and young people's development.
  • It is completely voluntary.
  • It is not a paid job.
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