We all have the power to be change agents

The voice of a UNICEF donor

by Thato Sethabela - UNICEF South Africa donor
09 June 2021

Having grown up in similar circumstances, I understand the plight of children and young people in many poor communities. Children who are raised in vulnerable circumstances, may be exposed to malnutrition, food insecurity and crime in addition to the violence that affects children in all communities. This may in turn lead to difficulties in their schooling, behavioural and other social issues.

These challenges made me realise that I had to do something to help because we all have the power to be change agents in our communities. As citizens we do not always need to, ourselves, start up large  projects in order to help fight the plight of poverty in vulnerable communities. Instead, we can partner with organisations such as UNICEF to drive this change.

Thato Sethabela

It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

Thato Sethabela - UNICEF South Africa donor

I am motivated to donate to UNICEF on a monthly basis because I believe I can have a direct impact on improving the lives of children. As a Social Science graduate, I know and understand what impact the empowerment of women and girls can make in these communities and I am therefore motivated to continue donating. It is through such initiatives where we will be able to build better communities for the future.

No matter how big or small ones contribution may be, it does make a difference. UNICEF is not just a helping hand, it is a lifeline as it improves the quality of life for many across the globe.

Join Thato and become an agent for change.