UNICEF SA & COVID-19: Putting smiles on faces

During Covid-19, UNICEF SA has been very busy putting online donations to work. And with every initiative, we have been intent on putting smiles on faces.

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UNICEF South Africa/2020
15 September 2020

To a greater or lesser degree, the last 6 months have disrupted all our lives. The work of a humanitarian organization in stepping into this gap results in redirecting campaign resources for emergency relief campaigns with the focus on getting immediate crisis care and help to those most affected by COVID-19. During this global pandemic, UNICEF SA has embraced the challenges and remained steadfast in its mission to provide essential support, protection and information, as well as hope for a brighter future for every child.

UNICEF South Africa has been very busy putting all online donations to work - from Reggae vibes to breastfeeding during COVID. And with every initiative, we have been intent on putting smiles on faces. 

Reggae Vibes

August began with us ‘getting together’ with the Marley family and embracing a reggae vibe in the global One Love | Reimagine campaign where Bob Marley’s iconic song, ‘One Love’ was reimagined with singers from conflict zones from around the world. Its theme of solidarity and unity resonated with our mission. All online donations from this campaign are being ploughed directly into communities devastated by the effects of the pandemic. 

If you missed it, you can watch the video and singalong. It will definitely put a smile on your face. 

Breastfeeding Concerns

At the beginning of August we commemorated World Breastfeeding Week, an initiative UNICEF South Africa has been part of since its inception. As a constant advocate for supporting and educating new mothers on the benefits of breastfeeding, concerns about breastfeeding during the pandemic also came under the spotlight.

UNICEF South Africa/2008/Schermbrucker

Donor support and online donations have gone a long way in assisting vulnerable mothers through ongoing education and training initiatives. Among these is the peer mentor programme, providing life-saving antenatal and postnatal services to pregnant women and young mothers. 

The result? Many happy moms and babies. 

Crisis Relief 

The on-the-ground success of two of our ongoing UNICEF SA campaigns since the onset of the pandemic - Little Hands Matter and Buckets of Care - have made a significant impact in many communities across South Africa. To date, 90 handwashing/soap stations have been implemented in communities, reaching 45 000 people. 

10 000 buckets of care have been assembled by our implementing partner, World Vision South Africa, and distributed to needy households, touching the lives of 40 000 people and bringing smiles to vulnerable communities.

Children #handwashing at a new EaziWash water station in Alexandra township.

Young Voices

By 2030, Africa will be home to more than a quarter of the world’s population under the age of 25, and so, listening to the voices of South Africa’s young people is part of our UNICEF SA vision and our involvement in an online event - the Youth Dialogue Broadcast in partnership with PwC. The aim was to hear the stories of our youth, learn about the challenges they face, and get their ideas on how to create a better future for the next generation and the role of businesses in this effort.

Close to UNICEF SA’s heart and vision is our active partnership with the NGO, Childline South Africa, to provide free counselling for children and adults in South Africa, and build their capacity in nine call centres around the country. 

Watch this video to learn more about the critical importance of social workers in tackling gender-based violence and violence against children.

UNICEF South Africa/2012/Schermbrucker

UNICEF South Africa is for every child - constantly at the forefront of advocating for and protecting their rights. COVID -19 simply saw us creatively meeting each new challenge and striving to put smiles on faces despite the devastation and economic effects caused by COVID-19. 

UNICEF South Africa

If you are looking to partner with a humanitarian organization’s vision to reimagine the futures of children, then UNICEF SA promises to continue to put your online donations to work in the vital areas of health, education and protection. Our mandate is the protection of the rights of children and we are relentless in making this our mission and bringing sustaining change and transformation to vulnerable communities across the country.

Get involved today and join us in putting smiles on more faces.