Online donations - Enabling the response to a pandemic

Online donations are the sustainable backbone of a humanitarian organization’s vision & the reason they can be at the ready with crisis care initiatives.

Fundraising team
UNICEF South Africa/2020
14 September 2020

As you read this, your inbox is perhaps full of requests for online donations while social media relentlessly bombards you with the need to give. You would love to help, but being at the mercy of COVID-19 means struggling just to put bread on the table of your own household or business. Everyone is hurting but now, more than ever, we need to come together to support the most vulnerable children and communities. 

As you watch the media portrayals and read the incessant flow of statistics, you realise how the pandemic has touched everyone’s lives. Trying to relativise that doesn’t promote empathy or solidarity in a time of crisis. And yet, amid the chaos and the suffering, the realisation that millions of children still need immediate relief cannot be ignored. In these times, online donations are vital for humanitarian organizations and charities to continue doing what they do: working with and improving the lives of the most vulnerable children and communities. 

Money makes the world go round

COVID-19 has placed humanitarian and charity organizations in a unique quandary. As households and business are hard hit by the economic implications of the global pandemic, cutting back financially to survive these times becomes a reality. But helping children who are most in need relies on your generous support, as every on-the-ground initiative is dependant on online donations from the public. 

UNICEF South Africa/2020

Online donations are the ‘bread and butter’ but critical response to ensure those who need it most have food on their table; clothes on their back; the healthcare they need; access to safe water and sanitation; an opportunity to keep learning; and a roof over their head. Financial aid from donors is the sustainable backbone of every humanitarian and charity organization’s existence. This support enables the immediate emergency response, which helps protect those who are most impacted and provides the support and opportunities that children and communities need to thrive again. 

The maxim, ‘Money makes the world go around,’ takes on a survival element for humanitarian organizations and the people most in need when it comes to making a difference in under-resourced communities. Your donation enables a focussed, professional and efficient response to the great need.

People make the world go round

Humanitarian and charity organizations work with communities to provide targeted interventions. But behind-the-scenes, the commitment of the public’s online donations are critical to enable this response. It is your sacrificial giving, on a regular basis - no matter how small - that makes a big difference. 

When you know where your charitable donations are going and what they are achieving, you realize the lifesaving value of your donation. 

As COVID-19 continues to negatively affect communities on a large scale, UNICEF South Africa is further scaling up its work with local NGOs and community-based organizations to advance children’s rights in these critical times. This is how UNICEF works directly with communities to make online donations work harder and to extend their impact.

Close to UNICEF South Africa’s heart and vision is an active partnership with the NGO, Childline South Africa, to provide free counselling for children and adults in South Africa and help build their capacity in nine call centres around the country.

UNICEF South Africa/2020

Through the partnership with GovChat, a national citizen engagement platform, UNICEF South Africa is providing important information on children’s rights and advancing child survival, development, protection and youth engagement programmes. By developing systems for real-time monitoring of children’s wellbeing, their access to social services will be enhanced. 

UNICEF South Africa

UNICEF South Africa is for every child, and every online donation provides opportunities for us to advance this vision and commitment. 

As children’s rights to education, health, sanitation and protection are constantly affected by COVID-19, we remain relentless in providing a better and fairer future for every child in affected communities across the country. We cannot do it without the ongoing help of fellow South Africans partnering with us in caring for one another. 

Find out more about our ONE LOVE | Reimagine campaign as well as our ongoing initiatives as we strive to fight this pandemic together.