#MOVE4CHANGE Challenge - Add your name & nominate a friend

It’s nearly summer and UNICEF South Africa is challenging us to get active with #MOVE4CHANGE. Add your name and play an active role in initiating a healthier future for every child.

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UNICEF South Africa/2009/Hearfield
08 October 2020

As lockdown restrictions are easing, UNICEF SA is challenging all South Africans to enjoy the great outdoors - safely - and get active with #MOVE4CHANGE. As spring motivates us to throw off the winter blues and get outdoors for a healthier lifestyle, our challenge is simple: dedicate your next workout to children in need. It’s fun, it’s healthy, and it’s a call to come together to reimagine a healthier future for children who need it most. 

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Change in Action

As a humanitarian organisation, our UNICEF SA mission is to be there ‘for every child,’ and our goal is to see ‘change in action’ by focusing our on-the-ground initiatives around the key areas of health, education and protection

The Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Constitution of South Africa clearly cites every child’s rights in these three areas - but the daily reality so many children face in our diverse and unequal society tells a different story. Ensuring that these rights are fulfilled remains an ongoing challenge, and the devastating impact of COVID-19 has exacerbated these needs even further.

UNICEF South Africa/2010/Schermbrucker

The objective of UNICEF SA’s ‘Change in Action’ initiative is clear: to fight the long term implications, sustain these initiatives, and start reimagining our collective future by rebuilding communities. Empowering children begins with every child having access to good health care, the appropriate nutrition, quality education and the opportunity of growing up in a safe environment. 

We are calling on all of you to become UNICEF Heroes and play an active role in initiating change for every child. 

Move 4 Change

Building into future generations starts with healthy children. More than half the children in South Africa continue to live below the poverty line, 1.5 million children (that is 1 in 3) are stunted, and 30 % of children are living in households where no adults are employed.

UNICEF South Africa/2012/Schermbrucker

Combating the broad impact of malnutrition (stunting, wasting, under-nourishment and also obesity) is one of UNICEF SA’s priority health initiatives. 

Good nutrition is the foundation of a child’s survival, health and development. This often begins with community breastfeeding support programmes and feeding schemes. Well-nourished children are better able to grow, thrive, learn, participate in and contribute to their communities.

#MOVE4CHANGE - a new UNICEF SA campaign - seeks to create awareness and the opportunity to make a meaningful difference. As you get active and healthy, you can tangibly contribute to giving vulnerable children the chance to thrive. 

This is how the #MOVE4CHANGE challenge works: 

  • Run or walk 3 kilometres. 
  • Pledge your support with a monthly donation
  • Share a picture of your challenge completion on social media using #MOVE4CHANGE.
  • Nominate your family and friends to join in

We’ll be keeping an eye on the hashtags. Each week, 5 active participants will be randomly selected to receive a UNICEF Hero Hamper!

By taking part, you will not only be creating your own healthier habits, but you will have begun the journey of Change in Action - positively impacting the lives of children who have been most affected by the serious repercussions of COVID-19 and giving them access to healthier lifestyles. That is a win-win scenario for all!

The challenge is on! 

Add your name to #MOVE4CHANGE and nominate a friend

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. ”

Desmond Tutu

At UNICEF SA we believe every child in South Africa deserves a healthier future. 

Pledge your support. Take action. Get Active. Change lives.