‘Little Hands Matter’ to UNICEF South Africa

UNICEF South Africa’s ‘Little Hands Matter’ Campaign is an imperative innovation and a successful, practical solution to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

Fundraising team
UNICEF South Africa
06 April 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted lives across the world. When we take our eyes off the global chaos and panic and focus our attention closer to home, we realise how a humanitarian organization like UNICEF South Africa has access to vulnerable and high-density communities, where they can make a difference to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. As an organization focused on children, we believe that handwashing stations can make a meaningful difference.

UNICEF South Africa’s critical response campaign - Little hands Matter - is poised and ready to fight this pandemic. 

A simple goal

One aim of UNICEF South Africa in this immediate COVID-19 crisis is to build 10 hygiene handwashing stations in under-resourced communities across South Africa.


‘UNICEF is helping to prevent the spread of the virus among communities in the affected countries by sharing accurate information on how to keep families safe and mitigating the impact of the outbreak on children’s access to health, education and social services. Now more than ever, we count on our donors to continue supporting our mission for those with nothing and no one – despite these difficult times.’ [Dr. Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director]

Handwashing hygiene is the simplest and most effective preventative measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus. That is why children in informal settlements need access to clean running water and soap. Each handwashing station plays a critical role in promoting health and hygiene in under-resourced communities.

That is why we need you! We cannot do it alone.
Your donation will help us achieve our goal and making these handwashing stations a reality.

Thanks to the positive response to #LittleHandsMatter to date, we have raised enough for 6 handwashing stations on-the-ground so far.

I want to help

A simple solution

Containing the spread of viruses and disease is a complex public health issue.
UNICEF South Africa’s ‘Little Hands Matter’ Campaign is an imperative innovation and a successful, practical solution.

Each handwashing station provides communities with a cost-effective facility to enhance the hygiene and health of learners.

To build a handwashing station, a concrete foundation is first laid. Once the concrete has set, plastic piping is installed with up to 17 individual nozzles to allow several children to wash their hands at the same time, thereby entrenching handwashing hygiene as a habit.

Going forward, this positive message of hygiene and protection for entire families has a long-term and sustainable impact on entire communities.

UNICEF South Africa

The sound of water accompanied by the laughter of healthy, happy children is evidence of a UNICEF South Africa initiative in action. With positive and sustainable donor partnerships, we come together with South Africans to help stop the spread of the coronavirus and flatten the curve in our country.

By supporting UNICEF South Africa’s goal of raising R200 000, your donation will aid our humanitarian efforts to bolster the health and hygiene of vulnerable children and their communities.

UNICEF South Africa