Giving back to the community - It really matters

Giving back to the community through ongoing sustainable programmes is an effective way of protecting the rights of all children. It really matters.

Fundraising team
19 May 2020

Poverty is one of the biggest obstacles to protecting children’s rights. That is where humanitarian organizations, like UNICEF, step into the gap. Our mandate is simple - to raise awareness, advance policies, and implement on-the-ground initiatives to ensure that every child thrives in a community where they are safe, nurtured and empowered. The achievement of these altruistic goals, however, can be challenging. Making a tangible difference requires giving back to the community. And that involves you and me. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us a window into the devastating impact on children’s daily realities in informal settlements and under-resourced areas across South Africa and the world. This has directly compromised children’s basic rights to education, health and sanitation, nutrition, and hygiene. Partnering with humanitarian organizations and NGOs presents an opportunity to make a difference in these communities. 

Children are not self-sufficient individuals - they are dependant on families and communities for their overall welfare. If you are considering giving back to the community, find an organization that cares about children, families and their communities.  

It really matters to communities 

Children live in families and families live in communities. Thanks to individual donations, more than R270,000 has been raised through the Little Hands Matter Campaign - enabling UNICEF South Africa to build 13 EaziWash #HandHygiene stations in under-resourced communities across South Africa. Giving back to the community really matters. Your contribution really matters.

Children #handwashing at a new EaziWash water station in Alexandra township.

It really matters to families

In this crisis, children are at home during the lockdown regulations and caregivers/guardians/parents cannot go to work, thus impacting household incomes and children’s development - physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. Many families do not have access to basic hygiene essentials and nutrition staples. 

UNICEF South Africa is excited to announce a brand new campaign about to be rolled out to help families in need during these challenging times. #BucketsOfCare is set to spread hope to as many households as possible by delivering basic hygiene essentials to children and families who need it most. The reach of this campaign will depend on the funds raised, so we hope that you will be part of this new initiative. It is a great way to give back to the community. Stay updated on Facebook and Twitter.

It really matters to children

Children need to play, to learn, to be healthy, and to be safe. In the midst of this pandemic and national lockdown, many children are suffering. 

UNICEF South Africa has seen how this crisis has impacted children and is working tirelessly to lessen the suffering. As children have been forced to stay at home under lockdown regulations, UNICEF has partnered with the Lego Foundation and the Department of Education to provide free educational play ideas,and learning guides helping parents to support children from Grades R to 9 who are learning at home.


Young children are also vulnerable to the spread of many diseases, and so UNICEF South Africa has invested in children’s health programmes by supporting plans to intensify immunization programmes for all children.

Immunization is an essential service, even during COVID-19, and is safe and free in all public health facilities in South Africa.’

Dr Mariame Sylla, Chief of Health, UNICEF South Africa

Giving back to the community through ongoing sustainable programmes is an effective way of protecting the rights of all children.

It really matters to UNICEF South Africa

‘How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.’

Anne Frank

With organizations like UNICEF South Africa ready to roll out crisis-care initiatives, we always need ongoing donor support and partnership from the broader community to help vulnerable children. Giving back to the community can start today. Making a difference can start this minute. 

UNICEF South Africa is here for every child, and by partnering with us, you will help to spread hope and smiles. That makes it all worthwhile.