Donate money and shower families with ‘Buckets of Care’

Donate money to the #BucketsOfCare campaign and help UNICEF SA provide families with hygiene & sanitation essentials to fight disease in these challenging times.

Fundraising team
29 May 2020

It takes a community to care for a child and protect their rights. In these challenging times, it has become more necessary than ever to work together as a country to be the voice of those who are vulnerable and to keep children safe and healthy. Many children in South Africa live in areas that do not have ready access to water and basic sanitation, leaving them and their families exposed to the spread of disease. As a fast-acting response to the current crisis, the UNICEF Buckets Of Care campaign strives to reach and protect vulnerable children across South Africa. Each person who donates money to UNICEF South Africa helps us send kits with basic hygiene and sanitation essentials to families who need it most.

Do you want to join us?

To get to children in need, we must reach their communities and families. Through our Little Hands Matter campaign, we took sanitation into vulnerable communities. Now, with our Buckets Of Care campaign, we’re taking sanitation into vulnerable homes. This is an urgent initiative to deliver hygiene kits to families who need it most. But we need your help and care. By donating money to this cause, you will be joining us in spreading hope and making a difference in the lives of families. 

What is a Bucket of Care?

Each hygiene kit comes in a reusable bucket that is fitted with a built-in tap to help families store and easily access clean water for hygiene and sanitation purposes in areas where ready access is not available to them. When you donate money to this initiative, you are empowering families to provide for their children’s sanitation rights.

What’s in a Bucket of Care?

Each bucket contains 3 months’ worth of soap, detergent, bleach, sanitizers and masks, as well as messages on nutrition, childcare and mental health. These basic necessities will equip a family of 4 and safeguard them against the spread of disease.

By helping and supporting at-risk families, we can have a positive impact on the children in their care. Thanks to the generosity of all those who donated money to the Little Hands Matter campaign, we’ve already been able to achieve so much in under-resourced communities. Let’s continue this effort by making a difference in the lives of individual families – one donation at a time.

Find out more about the Buckets of Care campaign and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the progress of this initiative. UNICEF’s mandate is to be there for every child. Help us achieve this mission in a meaningful way during these challenging times.

Together, we can spread smiles and hope – and buckets of care.

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