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South African Kids Online: Barriers, opportunities & risks - Technical Report
2016 - This study formed part of a global effort, developed and co-ordinated by UNICEF to obtain evidence of how the internet is by children in the global South for the purpose of determining whether children’s digital rights are currently being realised.

South African Kids Online: A glimpse into children's internet use and online activities
2016 - This is a pilot study which explored South African children’s online experiences. The study formed part of an ongoing global initiative, Global Kids Online, facilitated by UNICEF and LSE, which aims to promote research on children’s internet use.

CONNECTED DOT COM: Young People’s Navigation of Online Risks
2013 - This study explores young people’s use of social media, the dangers faced online, and the ways in which young people negotiate their own safety online.

South African mobile generation: Study on South African young people on mobiles
This paper is part of a series that examines the role of mobile technology in the lives of adolescents and young people living in developing countries.

From ‘What’s your ASLR’ to ‘Do You Wanna Go Private?’
2011 - This paper is part of a series examining the role of social networks in the lives of youth living in developing nations. This report focuses on South Africa and presents the results of a quantitative survey conducted on MXit.

Media Wise: Children make a difference
2003 - The report focuses exclusively on the methodology used for children's participatory workshops. The information may be useful to promote children's participation in research, policies and interventions

Children: Dying to make the news
2003 - An analysis of children's coverage in the South African news media.

All sides of the story - Reporting on children: a journalist’s handbook
2003 - This handbook, written by a journalist presents the complex questions around reporting on children raised and debated at a seminar on Reporting Child Abuse in the Media.

Children's rights and the media
2001 - A resource for journalists: The aim of this booklet produced by Soul City with support from UNICEF is to provide media professionals with a practical resource for reporting on children and children’s rights.





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