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Community Sport Festivals

UNICEF/South Africa/2009
© UNICEF/South Africa/2009
Every child has the right to play and participate in sport, which are important building-blocks in the health, happiness and well-being of children.

Since 2007, UNICEF has worked with the Government South Africa, civil society and private sector partners to introduce sport-based development programmes that enhance children’s lives and strengthen communities in a safe and protective environment. Sport for Development is a component of the UNICEF Child Friendly Schools Programme.

UNICEF has scheduled 21 sports festivals in school communities around the country during the school holidays in June and July, creating opportunities for children to celebrate the World Cup in their own communities.

UNICEF recognises that sport and play can:

  • provide a fun way to learn values and lessons that will last a life time
  • promote friendship, camaraderie, team spirit and fair play
  • teach team work, discipline, respect, and the coping skills necessary to ensure that children develop into caring individuals
  • enable children to take leadership roles within their communities

Sport offers the ideal tool to educate young people on vitally important issues such as:

  • understanding gender equality and respecting human rights
  • HIV prevention, and the care and treatment of people living with HIV and AIDS
  • protecting themselves against exploitation and abuse
  • protecting and conserving the environment

Through Sport for Development and its community development partners have:

  • reached 300 schools and over 300 000 children
  • worked in 27 school communities country wide
  • trained over 200 local community sport coaches and mentors
  • fostered new sport partnerships.

UNICEF’s public/private partners and its Development Programme include:

  • The Department of Education
  • International Inspiration
  • SuperSport/Let’s Play and
  • Other community development organisations.

Download this Fact Sheet [PDF]

Download the Community Sport Festival Schedule [PDF]

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