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Global goals for every child: Progress and disparities among children in South Africa
2016 - This report presents an analysis of progress and disparities among children in South Africa. Data show significant progress during the past two decades in areas such as child poverty, child survival, mother-to-child transmission of HIV and more.

South African Child Gauge 2016
2016 - The South African Child Gauge is the only publication in the country that provides an annual snap-shot of the status of South Africa’s children. The 2016 issue issue focuses on the theme of Children and Social Assistance.

Budget: Children and the South African Budget: The Macro Picture
2016 - describes how national, provincial and municipal budgets are funded and the transfers between them. Highlights what proportions the 3 key sectors – health, education and social development - constitute of the combined national & provincial budgets.

Budget: Children and South Africa's Education Budget
2016 - This brief describes the structure of provincial budgets and source of funds. This is followed by discussion on budgeting for the foundation years, teachers, teaching and learning support materials, Grade R and infrastructure.

Budget: Children and South Africa's Health Budget
2016 - This brief describes the structure of provincial budgets and how one can identify funding for children’s needs. Followed by discussion of resourcing, accessibility and use of health services, and detailed discussion of HIV and AIDS and nutrition.

Budget: Children and South Africa's Social Development Budget
2016 - The brief looks at social developments budgets. It presents and describes key indicators. It discusses how much provinces allocate for children’s services, and budgeting for PEI services, ECD, NPOs that deliver children’s services, and child grants

Removing barriers to accessing Child Grants: Progress in reducing exclusion from South Africa’s Child Support Grant
2016 - This study examines trends in take-up and exclusion of eligible caregivers and children from grant receipt. It focuses specifically on the CSG, given its scale and the fact that it is South Africa’s main poverty-targeted grant for children.

Elements of the Financial and Economic Costs of Disability to Households in South Africa - A pilot study
2015 - The report assesses the factors at play in reducing the economic vulnerability of households with children with disabilities.

Advocacy Calendar for South Africa
2015 - This Advocacy Calendar highlights key international days with a strong emphasis on days established through UN's General Assembly's Resolution and key national days for 2015 as established by the Government of South Africa.

Engaging Children as part of Oversight Constituency Engagements
2014 - A quick guide for Members of Parliament, Members of Legislatures and Members of Municipal Councils.

Poverty traps and social exclusion among children in South Africa
2014 - Children are more prone to becoming trapped in poverty and therefore the most logical site for successful poverty-ending intervention. The report seeks to explore the kind of intervention that would be necessary to bring this about.

South African Child Gauge 2013: Child Friendly Summary
2014 - This is the third child friendly summary of the Gauge and is an important part of ensuring that children's civil right to access to information is respected by making information accessible and available to them.

General Comments of the Committee on the Rights of the Child: A Compendium for child rights advocates, scholars and policy makers
2014 - This booklet is a compilation of the Committee on the Rights of the Child's seventeen (17) General Comments as published on the Committee's website.

National Plan of Action for Children in South Africa 2012 - 2017
2012 - A comprehensive overarching plan that brings together government's obligations in the realisation of the rights of children in South Africa.

Preventing Exclusion from the Child Support Grant: A Study of Exclusion Errors in Accessing CSG Benefits, 2013
2013 - SASSA and the Department of Social Development (DSD) commissioned the study to identify excluded children and establish reasons for their exclusion.

Report on the National Council of Provinces Child Rights Seminar: Investing in Children
2012 - The purpose of the seminar was to bring representatives from the legislative sector (Parliament and Provincial Legislatures) together to examine issues affecting South African children.

SAHRC Charter of Children's Basic Education Rights
2012 - This publication is intended to support everybody that works in the basic education field in South Africa. It aims to provide a common legally grounded planning, monitoring and advocacy framework that is child-centred.

The South African Child Support Grant Impact Assessment: Evidence from a survey of children, adolescents and their households
2012 - This report presents the findings of a research team’s analysis of a specially designed survey, supporting the rigorous impact assessment of how access to the CSG affects key aspects of child and adolescent well-being.

Executive Summary: The South African Child Support Grant Impact Assessment
2012 - This report presents a summary of the findings of a research team’s analysis of a specially designed survey, supporting the rigorous impact assessment of how access to the CSG affects key aspects of child and adolescent well-being.

Smiley G and Polly G on a grant tour
2011 - A Social Grants booklet for children. A child friendly booklet that explains social grants and provides information on how to access it.

Child Support Grant Evaluation 2010: Qualitative Research Report
2011 - This report presents the results of the first qualitative assessment of the Child Support Grant undertaken in 2010 in South Africa.

Promoting Children's Rights in South Africa: A Handbook for Members of Parliament
2011 - This handbook provides Members of Parliament with information on children’s issues and their rights. Its purpose is to equip Members with the tools to integrate a child-rights perspective into all work that Members engage with.

South African Child Gauge 2010/2011
2011 - The publication provides an annual snap-shot of the status of South Africa’s children. Published by the Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town, to track SA's progress towards realising children’s rights.

Statement of the Seminar on Equity in the Realisation of Child Rights in South Africa
2011 - Declaration made by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), UNICEF and delegates attending the Seminar on Equity in the Realisation of Child Rights in South Africa.

Vulnerability of children and poor families to the economic recession of 2008-2009
2011 - A qualitative study that assessed the impact of the global economic crisis on children and poor families in South Africa.

South Africa’s Children – A Review of Equity and Child Rights
2011 - The report reflects an analysis of key indicators to assess the fulfilment of children’s rights in South Africa.

The Impact of the International Financial Crisis on Child Poverty in South Africa
2010 - Reports on study to provide insights into the magnitude of shocks associated with the macroeconomic crisis in SA, country’s capacity to withstand or cushion these shocks, and the extent of fragility in terms of poverty levels and child well-being

South African Child Gauge 2009/2010
2010 - The South African Child Gauge provides an annual snap-shot of the status of South Africa’s children.

South African National HIV Prevalence, Incidence, Behaviour and Communication Survey, 2008
2010 - This report, which is the second one based on the third population-based HIV seroprevalence survey conducted in 2008 by the consortium led by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), focuses on health of children 0–18 years of age.

Situation Analysis of Children in South Africa - April 2009
2009 - This situational analysis was commissioned by the Presidency, research was performed by the Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town while UNICEF coordinated and funded the project.

For better implementation of mirgrant children's rights in South Africa
2009 - This report outlines the situation facing children who migrate accross international borders to SA. It also makes recommendations for intervention by UNICEF and other partners for strengthening migrant children’s access to basic rights in SA.

Handbook on Legislative Reform: Realising Children’s Rights Volume 1
2008 - Aims to support the effective implementation of the CRC and CEDAW, and advance gender equality by influencing the adoption of legislative measures, social policies and institutional changes that promote gender equality and results for children.

Legislative Reform on Child Domestic Labour: A Gender Analysis
2008 - This study adopts a gender perspective to look critically at the need for legislative reform in the area of child domestic labour.

Child marriage and the law
2008 - The aim of the Paper series is to explore and provide guidance on the role of legislation – including regulations which may have a direct or indirect bearing on children – in protecting and advancing children’s rights in a particular area.

A Review of Children’s Access to Employment-based Contributory Social Insurance Benefits
2008 - The review assesses the obstacles to accessing the death benefits due to orphans from statutory insurance schemes and pension funds in South Africa.

Review of the Child Support Grant - Uses, Implementation and Obstacles
2008 - This report presents new evidence on the developmental impacts of South Africa’s Child Support Grant (CSG).

Quantitative Analysis of the Impact of the Child Support Grant
2008 - This Report presents new evidence on the developmental impacts of South Africa’s Child Support Grant, regarded as one of the government’s most successful social protection interventions and the country’s largest social cash transfer programme.

Reforming Child Law in South Africa: Budgeting and Implementation Planning
2007 - This publication documents a rare attempt to assess all the steps involved in legal reform for the realization of child rights and makes a detailed estimate of the costs at each step.

In a child's best interests... Parliamentarians, you can make a difference
2007 - This advocacy pocket book is a attempt to highlight some critical gaps and obstacles affecting service delivery for children.

Law Reform and Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
2007 - The main purpose of the research with its focus on one specific general measure, is to make policymakers more aware of the importance of law reform, not as an end in itself, but as an integral part of a holistic approach.

Eliminating Violence Against Children
2007 - This handbook is designed to promote active and effective follow-up by Parliaments and parliamentarians throughout the world to the recommendations of the UN Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children.

Combating Child Trafficking
2005 - This handbook addresses some of the key measures that parliamentarians can take to end child trafficking. It outlines specific steps.

Child protection: A handbook for parliamentarians
2004 - This handbook addresses ten specific child protection issues, inlcuding birth registration and the right to identity; protection of children in armed conflict; sexual exploitation of children and trafficking and sale of children.

The role of parliament in assessing the impact of legislation and budgetary decision-making on children
2002 - This paper aims at sensitising MPs to the tools at their disposal to influence - and monitor - the impact budgets have on children.

Social transformation and strategic leveraging: Other resources
A collection of other useful resources on social transformation and strategic leveraging





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