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UNICEF South Africa 2017 Highlights

UNICEF South Africa 2017 Highlights

Author: UNICEF South Africa
Price: Free
No. of pages: 36
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: UNICEF South Africa
Languages: English

Download UNICEF South Africa 2017 Highlights [PDF]

The journey of the child in South Africa is ongoing and in 2017, UNICEF continued to work with the Government of South Africa and our partners in civil society, the corporate sector, academia and media to prioritise and expand investments in children.

Against the background of both national and global economic growth and budget revenue challenges, current trends in public expenditure for basic education, health and social development is set to grow by 2 per cent in real terms in the coming three years is commendable. It clearly reflects the commitment of the country’s leadership to prepare a brighter future for the nation.

In 2017, UNICEF South Africa continued to focus on its three core priorities, namely to accelerate investments in early childhood development (ECD), gain beneficial results for adolescents and end violence against children.

Since its creation in 1945, UNICEF has made, and indeed continues to make, a positive difference to the lives of millions of children globally. Underlying our work, is our firm belief that the participation of children must be the foundation of our work and this includes giving children themselves a voice and a say in shaping their future.

The journey of the child in South Africa towards a healthy and happy future commits us to deliver on our mandate to leave no child behind.





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