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Budget Allocation and Spending on Children in South Africa: 2017 Budget Briefs

On the basis of the 2017 state budget and other national budget documents, these budget briefs will provide an overview of recent trends in allocation and expenditure in social sectors important for children. The briefs serve three main purposes: 

  1. promote budget literacy within civil society and the general public; 
  2. analyse and monitor Government budgets that affect children, including their efficiency, effectiveness, equity and adequacy; and 
  3. inform advocacy, through key messages on changes in policy and financing. 

Budget briefs are strong information and advocacy products that can be used by civil society, line ministries, parliamentarians, the donor community and all who work for more equitable development in the country. The briefs will support advocacy for a more child-centred, transparent and participatory use of domestic resources in South Africa. 


Budget: Children and the South African Budget: The Macro Picture
2016 - describes how national, provincial and municipal budgets are funded and the transfers between them. Highlights what proportions the 3 key sectors – health, education and social development - constitute of the combined national & provincial budgets.

Budget: Children and South Africa's Education Budget
2016 - This brief describes the structure of provincial budgets and source of funds. This is followed by discussion on budgeting for the foundation years, teachers, teaching and learning support materials, Grade R and infrastructure.

Budget: Children and South Africa's Health Budget
2016 - This brief describes the structure of provincial budgets and how one can identify funding for children’s needs. Followed by discussion of resourcing, accessibility and use of health services, and detailed discussion of HIV and AIDS and nutrition.

Budget: Children and South Africa's Social Development Budget
2016 - The brief looks at social developments budgets. It presents and describes key indicators. It discusses how much provinces allocate for children’s services, and budgeting for PEI services, ECD, NPOs that deliver children’s services, and child grants



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