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Budget: Children and South Africa's Health Budget

Budget: Children and South Africa's Health Budget

Author: UNICEF South Africa and International Budget Partnership
Price: Free
No. of pages: 10
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: UNICEF South Africa
Languages: English

Download [PDF]

This brief is one of four that explore the extent to which government budgets in South Africa address the needs of children under 18 years in the country. The briefs aim to describe the shape and size of the relevant budgets, and highlight some of the key funding-related issues. The objective is to contribute to informed advocacy and decision-making.

This brief looks at health budgets. It first presents and describes a set of key indicators. It then describes the structure of provincial budgets and, in particular, how one can identify funding for children’s needs. This is followed by discussion of resourcing, accessibility and use of health services, and more detailed discussion of HIV and AIDS and nutrition.

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