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Removing barriers to accessing Child Grants: Progress in reducing exclusion from South Africa’s Child Support Grant

Removing barriers to accessing Child Grants: Progress in reducing exclusion from South Africa's Child Support Grant

Price: Free
No. of pages: 124
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: UNICEF South Africa
Languages: English
ISBN: 978-0-620-72682-5

This study examines trends in take-up and exclusion of eligible caregivers and children from grant receipt. It focuses specifically on the CSG, given its scale and the fact that it is South Africa’s main poverty-targeted grant for children. The study also analyses which children are most prone to being incorrectly excluded from the grant, what drives exclusion of age- and income-eligible beneficiaries, and the reasons most often cited for not accessing the CSG. One important contribution of this study is the spatial analysis and mapping of CSG exclusion rates across the country. This is done at a high level of disaggregation – for all of the country’s municipalities and wards. Such fine-grained analysis of exclusion will help to inform the implementation of actions, whether by government or other actors, to remove access barriers and increase uptake of the grant. Finally, the study includes a review of government policies and outreach strategies which have contributed to expanding CSG coverage over the years, but can be improved further to reach those children who are still not accessing their entitlements to social assistance.

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