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9th Annual Early Childhood Development Knowledge Building Seminar

The Early Childhood Development Knowledge Building Seminar is a platform that brings research and practice together, highlights achievements in the policy and practice arena, and also looks at the sector from all angles. Theme for this was: 20 years of knowledge building in early childhood development in South Africa.

Download presentations from the seminar:

UNICEF: The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is 25 years old on 20 November 2014 – CRC@25 UNICEF B-roll [PDF]

Viviers, Andre and Albino, Nadi (UNICEF): Carpe Minuta: Early Childhood Development – Opening remarks at the ECD Knowledge Building Seminar 2014 [PDF]

Samuels, Marie-Louise (Department of Basic Education): Looking back – looking ahead: 20 year history of ECD in South Africa [PDF]

Richter, Linda (Wits and HSRC): New Science of Child Development [PDF]

Morgan, Barak: There is no not choosing - The brains you regulate for are the brains you get - Neuroscience & the next 20 years of ECD Knowledge-Building [PDF]

Spaull, Nic and Viljoen Janeli (RESEP, Stellenbosch University): Starting behind and staying behind – The case of insurmountable learning deficits in South Africa [PDF]

Tomlinson, Mark (Department of Psychology, Stellenbosch University): Caregiver support across the continuum: From the proximal to the distal [PDF]

Ebrahim, Hasina (University of Free State): Challenges in breaking the cycles of poverty through ECD [PDF]

Biersteker, Linda and Dawes, Andrew: The influence of research on 20 years of ECD policy development in South Africa [PDF]

Elphick, Jean (Africa Tikun): ECD and Disability: South African examples of good practice in inclusion [PDF]

Pillay, Jace (University of Johannesburg): Special concerns about ECD of orphans and vulnerable children [PDF]

Excell, Lorayne and Linington, Vivien (Wits University): Quality in ECE: A South African preschool perspective [PDF]

Colwyn, Martin (University of Free State): The temporal and spatial construction of the literate body/mind [PDF]

Daries, Glynnis (University of Free State): Funds of knowledge of practitioners in early childhood centres in disadvantage context [PDF]

Ebrahim, Hasina (University of Free State) and Irvine, Margaret (ECD Consultant): Building the ECD curriculum in South Africa, Myanmar (Burma) and Seychelles [PDF]

Smith Linda (Hands on Tech): Back to basics with 6 bricks [PDF]

Berry, Lizette (Children’s Institute): Twenty years on – have we made progress in service delivery? An overview of relevant data [PDF]

Gwele Malibongwe (ELRU) Exploring local and indigenous knowledge and practices in support of early childhood development: Learnings and implications [PDF]

Phatudi, Nkidi and Harris, Theresa (University of Pretoria): “Quality is presented by knowing a child as a whole….I must know how can he develop because they don’t develop the same” Preschool teachers’ perspectives on quality in ECD [PDF]

Mentor, Vanessa (Early Childhood Development Institute, Gauteng Province Department of Education): ECD stakeholder engagement collaboration and Integration [PDF]

Bland, Guiliana (Jim Joel Fund): Funding in the ECD Sector – Lessons learnt in 20 years [PDF]

Samaad, Anita (Department of Social Development) and Links, Stalin (EPRI): ECD audit 2013/2014 What has changed since the 2001 audit? [PDF]

Viviers, Andre (UNICEF) and Mallane, Mandu (SALGA): Municipalities, Young Children and ECD – The last Frontier [PDF] 

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Report: Early Childhood Development Knowledge Building Seminar 2014



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