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Child Participation

South African Child Gauge 2014
2014 - This flagship publication provides an annual snapshot of the status of children in South Africa. The 2014 issue focuses on the theme 'Preventing violence against children - breaking the intergenerational cycle'

Engaging Children as part of Oversight Constituency Engagements
2014 - A quick guide for Members of Parliament, Members of Legislatures and Members of Municipal Councils.

Effective public involvement in the oversight processes of Parliaments and Provincial or Regional Legislatures
2012 - Paper presented by Ms Aida Girma, UNICEF Country Representative, South Africa at the South African Legislative Sector, 2012 Consultative Seminar: 14 to 16 March 2012

Change Through the Eyes of a Child: South African children speak about climate change
2011 - This publication aims to give children a voice and illustrate their understanding of climate change, their involvement in environmental activities, and their views on government’s role in tackling climate change.

South African Child Gauge 2010/2011
2011 - The publication provides an annual snap-shot of the status of South Africa’s children. Published by the Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town, to track SA's progress towards realising children’s rights.

UNICEF Handbook :Children as Advocates - Strengthening Child and Young People’s Participation in Advocacy Fora
2010 -This Handbook on Child and Young People’s Participation in Advocacy Fora is a practical tool for UNICEF staff and partners in promoting and strengthening child participation in global advocacy.





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