Youth emergency guide

This guide is about emergency preparedness, building social resilience, helping you understand how to prepare for an emergency, how to stay safe, and how to help prevent or mitigate the impact of crises when they happen.

woman talking to a UNICEF staff memember
UNICEF South Africa/2023/Guercia


The Youth Emergency Guide was created by children and young people from across South Africa. A series of virtual training workshops and remote youth-led drafting sessions were held and written submissions were used to inform the overall structure and content of the Guide.

The concept of the Guide was borne out of learnings from the response to COVID-19 and other crises, such as civil unrest and flooding, which highlighted the need to further empower children, adolescents and youth to be better prepared for emergencies and to be advocates and agents of change.

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South African Institute of International Affairs, through Youth@SAIIA, and UNICEF South Africa
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