Tshwaragano ka Bana - Make your own Tippy Tap

A fun activity for the whole family


Washing your hands with soap and clean water is the best way to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. We usually do this at a tap in the yard or in the house. But there are not always taps everywhere.

A good idea is to create a Tippy Tap to use in and around the house where adults and children can wash their hands regularly with clean water. A Tippy Tap is a simple creation out of no-cost materials that you can make with your children and it works like a small tap. There are many different types of Tippy Taps but here we are only showing how to make one specific type that is easy to use inside the house and outside.

The best news is that it also helps to safe water, as a Tippy Tap uses less water at a time than an ordinary tap.

UNICEF South Africa, Department of Social Development, Department of Education
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