Training manual for the religious sector on child protection

To capacitate the sector to protect children, develop sector policies and report cases of violation on children’s rights

UNICEF South Africa/2007/Schermbrucker


The high level of violence is a challenge to the country and South Africa continues to make efforts to ensure that violence against children is addressed. The religious sector has also identified the critical contributions the sector can make to fight the scourge of violence and join other stakeholders to work together in addressing violence against women and children. The religious sector has always played a critical role in the development of a child and for this reason this manual has been developed to enhance and improve services rendered to a child in the religious space. The need for a collaborative effort in ensuring safe spaces for a child has been the vision and motivation in the development of a comprehensive document that promotes child safety. This manual has been developed to empower the sector to perform this role with the required skills and knowledge. It also serves to inform the religious sector about the various role players in child protection and to work within the CARE Network to promote the best interest of a child. The CARE Network provides a collaborative and holistic approach to create safe spaces for children by involving all role players.

This training manual has been developed jointly by the religious sector of South Africa comprising of various denominations, faith based organisations, government, various child protection organisations, and community organisations with the support of UNICEF.

Faith-based Child Protection Movement and UNICEF South Africa
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