Policy brief: Child and adolescent health - Leave no one behind

This policy brief presents the key findings of the 2019 Child Gauge which focuses on child and adolescent health.


The South African Child Gauge is an annual publication of the Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town that tracks progress for South Africa’s children. It aims to make the latest research accessible to decision-makers in order to inform evidence-based policies and programmes for children. This policy brief presents the key findings of the 2019 Child Gauge which focuses on child and adolescent health.

Adapted from: Norris S et al (2019) Child health matters: A life course perspective. In: Shung-King M, Lake L, Sanders D & Hendricks M (eds) South African Child Gauge 2019. Cape Town: Children's Institute, UCT; and Kuruvilla et al (2018) A life-course approach to health: synergy with sustainable development goals. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 96: 42-50.

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