How do children engage with news on social media

A research paper

ZAF-How-do-children-engage-with-news-on-social-media-Report-May-2023 cover
UNICEF South Africa/Media Monitoring Africa/2023


This research paper was commissioned and produced by Media Monitoring Africa and UNICEF South Africa and looks into how young people access and engage with news content through social media platforms. The brief includes inputs from 48 students who took part in small group discussions and in documenting their daily social media diet and news consumption. The learners, aged 13 to 17 years, came from schools in North-West and Gauteng provinces. More visuals, shorter text and younger voices lead some of the recommendations from children on how to better engage young people with news content on social media platforms. This research aims to help media, and organizations working with children and news content, to help young people access and engage with factual and quality news content on social media.

Media Monitoring Africa and UNICEF South Africa
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