A Decent Standard of Living in South Africa

Findings on possession of the Social Perceived Necessities in 2022

UNICEF South Africa/2023


The Decent Standard of Living (DSL) project is a contribution to the better understanding of how the multiple dimensions of poverty impact on people’s lives and of inequalities between people. It is an important contribution to understanding how multiple non-income dimensions of poverty impact people’s lives. It is ultimately about the dignity of all who live in South Africa.

This work and the methodology used is ground-breaking because it combines participatory qualitative work with the use of survey data to better understand what is required for a decent standard of living in the country. The report then measures how many people possess what are known as ‘Socially Perceived Necessities’ - SPNs.

The Social Policy Institute, UNICEF South Africa, Southern African Social Policy Research Institute, the Labour Research Service, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, and the Department of Social Development through the Wits Chair for Social Security
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