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UNICEF supports the South African Government in developing national policies, programmes and plans of action that are child-focused and gender-responsive. UNICEF works closely with National and Provincial Departments of Health, Basic Education, Social Development, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation and the Department for Women, Children and People with Disabilities. Additionally, work is also done with Statistics South Africa and the National Prosecuting Authority.

To assist with the implementation of plans and programmes UNICEF works with several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and bodies and organizations such as the National Child Care and Protection Forum, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, South African Council of Faith-based Organizations, The Jim Joel Foundation, Save the Children, UNFPA and UNAIDS. 

UNICEF also works with academic and research institutions, like the Human Sciences Research Council, Medical Research Council and the Universities of Limpopo, Cape Town and Stellenbosch to assist with child-focused research and the development of concrete evidence to inform advocacy and policy dialogue. These partnerships also contribute to the generation of child-centred statistics that can be used to monitor programmes to ensure they reach the most deprived children and women.





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