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There are currently over 400 Safe Parks across all nine provinces of South Africa and over 6500 child and youth care workers who have supported over 400,000 children.

“Isibindi made me realize that I was not the only one having difficulties, there were others in my position as well and it was possible to make the future better” – Nolunsindiso, 26, East London, Eastern Cape Children’s resilience has been bolstered; their access to social grants, school, and health services has improved; and cases of substance abuse and violence have decreased. At the same time, local organizations have grown and accessed resources, communities have been strengthened through the injection of skills and resources, and previously unemployed South Africans are set on real career paths as child and youth care workers, mentors and coordinators of programmes.

UNICEF is directly supporting 13 Safe Parks in Eastern Cape and has reached over 25,000 children through safe parks, home visits and other programmes, such as adolescent life skills. Beyond this direct support, UNICEF working with the Government and the NACCW to strengthen and scale up the programme across the country by raising funds, finding new partners, supporting innovations and documenting the programme’s results and impact.

Scaling for the future through Social Compacts

In addition to its benefits for children and families, Isibindi contributes directly to the national priorities of poverty reduction and employment creation. Government aims for 2018 are to expand the cadre of care workers to 10,000 to support children and adolescents though home visits and Safe Parks. Through its franchise model, Isibindi is well suited to innovative social compacts across South Africa whereby local business and community leaders can join forces to strengthen family relations and community cohesion. UNICEF is committed to engaging in such innovative partnerships to promote community-led action and sustainability to create circles of care and protection for children.






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