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UNICEF South Africa/2013/Hearfield
© UNICEF South Africa/2013/Hearfield

As an individual

By donating a relatively small amount to UNICEF on a monthly basis you will make a difference by contributing to our efforts to help improve the present and the future of over 18 million children living in South Africa. 

As a corporation

No violence against children is justifiable and nearly all violence is preventable. With sufficient commitment and investment, creative approaches to prevention can make a difference. The South African National Development Plan – Vision 2030, and Sustainable Development Goals put forth clear targets to reduce risk and prevent violence against children. Yet, these can only be achieved through collective effort by all sectors of society.

Supporting UNICEF and Government to prevent and respond to violence in South Africa represents a tremendous opportunity to help the country’s most vulnerable children to survive, thrive and reach their full potential. Through new and unique partnerships with Government, the private sector, bilateral donors and civil society, UNICEF builds on the knowledge, expertise and innovation of each to ensure the most effective and efficient use of combined resources. By uniting with UNICEF, you gain a credible and respected partner who can support a comprehensive and results focused corporate social investment (CSI) strategy that makes a lasting difference in the lives of children.

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