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Meeting the demands of development in South Africa requires strong partnerships with a multiplicity of actors. UNICEF works with partners at all levels of society to ensure that South African children and women are given the best chance for survival, development and protection.

With national and international development partners, UNICEF forges alliances to improve the mechanisms of development assistance and leverages resources for the benefit of children and women.

At the national level, UNICEF supports the Government in developing national policies, programmes and plans of action that are child-focused and gender-responsive.

To assist with the implement plans and programmes UNICEF works with various national and international organisations and foundations.

Academic and research institutions, assist with child-focused research and the development of concrete evidence to inform advocacy and policy dialogue.

At the grassroots, UNICEF partners with young people, families and community leaders, facilitating their empowerment and ability to take charge of their own development.

UNICEF also partners with celebrities to focus attention on the needs of children, assist in fundraising and to provide positive role models.

The valued partnerships that UNICEF has with businesses and organisations are underlined by a shared commitment to achieving change for children.



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