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Press releases - 2004

Goodwill Ambassador Emeritus Harry Belafonte comes back to South Africa
The excitement of welcoming one of the world’s most respected entertainers and Goodwill Ambassador Emeritus for UNICEF could not go unnoticed within the staff of the South Africa Country Office.   On 14 December 2004, Harry Belafonte once again hit that portion African soil that has long inspired his passion and drive for freedom, justice and dignity: the South African Soil.

Premier Balindela and children debate issues raised in SOWC 2005 in East London, Eastern Cape
13 December 2004 - An inter-generational dialogue between children and the Eastern Cape provincial leadership, headed by Premier Nosimo Balindela, the province’s colourful hands-on leader, framed the launch of the State of the World’s Children report, 2005 on 13 December at the Frances Mmeli School of Safety in East London, Eastern Cape.

The State of the World's Children 2005: Many South African children are suffering extreme deprivations
9 December 2004 - Children from the Eastern Cape will discuss  issues affecting their lives with the Premier of the province, Ms. Nosimo Balindela (see photo), at the launch of the State of the World's Children, 2005, Childhood under Threat at Francis Mmeli School of Safety in East London on Monday 13 December.

Schools for Africa: Nelson Mandela Foundation and UNICEF announce joint international education campaign

6 December, 2004 - The Nelson Mandela Foundation, UNICEF and the Hamburg Society for the Promotion of Democracy and International Law, today launched a joint international campaign “Child Friendly Schools for Africa.” (Photo: Per Engebak UNICEF Regional Director, ESARO, John Samuel and Peter Kraemer.)


Deputy Executive Director visits South Africa

Calls for birth registration for all children by 2007 

10 October 2004 - On his third visit to South Africa since 1996, Kul Gautam, UNICEF’s Deputy Executive Director is still impressed and inspired by the country’s determined efforts to reduce the suffering of children. (Photo: Mr. Kul Gautam with Ms. Busi Ngcongo, trainer, Training and Resources in Early Education (TREE))


Second Regional Meeting on Food Fortification in Johannesburg, 26-29 July, 2004
22 July 2004 - Focus is on preparing for optimal implementation and use of food fortification to reduce micronutrient malnutrition in East, Central and Southern Africa.  Read the official statement

Goodwill Ambassador, Mr. Laurence Fishurne visits South Africa

17 - 21 June 2004 - On his first visit to South Africa, Goodwill Ambassador Laurence Fishburne (see photo) talks with orphans and vulnerable children in KZN and Gauteng Provinces. Read the official statement at the launch of "All sides of the story" by Mr. Fishburne


South African children’s contributions to the global “1000 Wishes for the Children of the World” initiative unveiled at Youth Day celebration
16 June 2004, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg,  – Having a pet and a toy, and being able to enjoy childhood by having opportunities to go to school and to play, are among the wishes that the South African children have added to the global children’s initiative, “1000 Wishes for the Children of the World”. Read the official statement





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