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2004 to 2010

Tshedi Mholo - devoted to children in need
13 July 2010 - Tshedi Mholo, UNICEF Celebrity Advocate in South Africa, cups her hands around a mug of steaming hot chocolate on a very cold winter morning in Johannesburg. It is less than 48 hours after Spain conquered Netherlands in the final match ..

“The Buddies”, a child-to-child learning group in deep rural KwaZulu-Natal helps safeguard young children’s right to development through play
He is only nine years old, but already, Mandla is practicing virtues others twice his age have yet to learn.

Conference shines a light on potential hazards for street children during 2010
The large digital countdown clocks are visible at all the airports, the excitement is palpable, advertising on the theme of the 2010 FIFA World Cup is predominant and plans to accommodate an estimated 2.7 million spectators...

Luyanda’s Story: A message for hope for children living with AIDS
Before a capacity crowd seated in chilly Hall 1 of the Durban Convention Centre stood a 16 year old boy who had travelled from Cape Town to share the stage with the renowned South African Nobel Laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu...

Gift’s Wish: Children dream of a nice meal, a safe home and a family in Musina
Gift Dube* is a bright, articulate and friendly boy. He loves playing football with his friends and going to school, where his favourite subjects are English and geography. But Gift’s is not the life of a typical youngster.

ICC international women’s cricket players unite against AIDS
Cape Town, 21 Feb, 2007… The leading women cricketers of the world are no match for nine year- old Sisipho, a student at Mbekweni Primary school located in the bustling Cape township of the same name.

Fields of dreams take shape at Mountview High School
Cape Town, 2 February…It was a cool Saturday morning in Hanover Park, a poor community with a history of drugs and gang-related violence, near Cape Town. By 7 a.m. hundreds of children in crisp school uniforms, representing the 14 schools already arrived

Impact on children: youth development and HIV prevention
Almost 1 million AIDS orphans are under the age of 15; girls are often forced to stay at home to look after sick family members, and many teachers are themselves becoming victims of HIV and AIDS. Read more...

Impact on children: care and support for orphans and vulnerable children
The number of orphans in South Africa is growing. A UNAIDS estimate sets the total at two million, half of whom have lost their mother, father or both parents to AIDS. Read more...

Impact on children: safe infant feeding and child survival
Of the 1.1million babies born a year in South Africa, 300,000 are born to HIV positive mothers. About 93,000 of these babies will be infected by HIV; 72,000 being HIV positive at birth and 21,000 becoming HIV positive through breastfeeding. Read more...

Impact on children: paediatric testing and treatment
About 260 children are born HIV positive every day in South Africa and most die before their second birthday. This has made HIV and AIDS the biggest killer of children under five in the country. Read more...

A school with passion
In 2000, Vuyiswa-Mtolo Senior Secondary School in KwaMashu, in Durban, was shut down when it received a 0 per cent pass rate for matric, the school-leaving exam. Today, it is one of KwaZulu-Natal’s best performers with a pass rate of almost 99 per cent.

South Africa’s One-Stop Child Justice Centres
Lester is one of 38 000 youths arrested for various crimes in the Western Cape each year. Read more...

To disclose or not
Mandisa is being treated for pneumonia, a common childhood complication resulting from HIV infection. Next to her, her 38-year-old granny, Julia, is looking out of the window, lost in thought. Read more...

Jabu's long walk to comfort
A Comfort Center that provides integrated services to victims of sexual abuse, a one-stop shop is what development organizations like UNICEF and other service providers in the public sector have been dreaming about. Read more...

A holistic plan of action helps turn the tide of hopelessness for children
A devoted team of nurses, doctors, social workers and community volunteers at nearby Prince Mshiyeni Hospital are digging deep to try and turn the tide of hopelessness especially for the area’s children. Read more...

GEM and Bread
To ensure that the GEM is not a waste of time and to encourage more children and young people to participate in the GEM activities Millet Nkonyane, says that she and her group try to use creative ways in which to attract membership. Read more...





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