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UNICEF in Parliament – Ensuring that children remain a priority in the State budget
23 November 2018 - A few days after the commemoration of World Children’s Day, UNICEF was invited to address the Appropriations Committee of Parliament.

Statue of Hope unveiled at Constitution Hill on World Children’s Day 2018
20 November 2018 - From media ‘take-overs’ to addressing Parliament, from social media campaigns to iconic buildings “going blue”, from fundraising by corporate partners and celebrities to new young ambassadors being announced...

UNICEF addresses the launch of the 2018 Child Gauge on World Children’s Day
20 November 2018 - “How do we achieve good collaboration between families and the state so that children develop well and no child is left behind?” This was the key question posed to a panel that was invited to address the launch of the 2018 Child Gauge.

Belgian Deputy Prime Minister commemorates World AIDS Day with UNICEF
1 December 2018 - As part of UNICEF’s commemoration of World Aids Day, children at the Isibindi Safe Park in Soweto spent the afternoon with the Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation, Alexander de Croo.

Taking over the “Blue Carpet” on World Children’s Day
20 November 2018 - Every year, on the 20th of November, UNICEF celebrates World Children’s Day, a day for children that, for the past few years, is led by children.

Securing children’s rights: UNICEF engages Religious and Traditional leaders
16-17 November 2018 - For the protection of children to be secured, there needs to be a widespread understanding among all sections of society for children to be at the centre of an understanding of human rights.

Breaking Barriers, Breaking Boundaries: Innovative solutions by youth for youth
19 November 2018 – UNICEF South Africa has taken on a new project to support films made by youth for youth. A Digital Storytelling Workshop, hosted by UNICEF South Africa for young reporters prompted this move.

One Small Spoon towards #ZEROHUNGER in South Africa
16 October 2018 - Woolworths celebrates World Food Day with the launch of the One Small Spoon campaign to unite its employees, customers, suppliers, farmers, and other partners in a consolidated drive to contribute to ensuring sufficient, nutritious food.

Women and philanthropy: UNICEF South Africa Influential Women’s Circle
25 September 2018 - Philanthropy plays a large role in the work of UNICEF. In early 2018, UNICEF South Africa launched the Influential Women’s Circle with a mandate to mobilize female leaders and philanthropistshelp raise resources to enhance protection.

Future diplomats in session: UNICEF and the Johannesburg Model UN
15 September 2018 - In a bright auditorium 300 high school learners gather to participate in the annual Johannesburg Model UN Conference organized by the South African Institute of International Affairs.

With UNICEF support, Parliament intensifies efforts to support children
13 September 2018 - The maturity and resilience of South Africa’s hard-won democracy is evident in its many structures of governance. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Parliament of South Africa where one sees the country’s democracy in action.

Telling our stories: UNICEF supports Digital Storytelling for young people
9 September 2018 - “We all have access to apps on our smartphones but we are all not aware of how we can use these apps to tell young peoples’ stories” explains South African Youth Reporter Bongani Dlamini.

We commit to ending violence against children
3 September 2018: UNICEF and the Media Monitoring Agency (MMA) this week hosted a Master Class for editors and journalists to create awareness about the We Commit initiative currently being rolled out in South Africa.

UNICEF salutes the legacy of Albertina Sisulu
25 August 2018 - “We all understand that without the love, care and protection that children deserve from us in our homes, communities and in schools, we will not build a resilient nation.”

UNICEF and Statistics South Africa: Supporting tools to measure child poverty
23 August 2018 - Since their launch in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been a critical guideline that supports the full development of humanity.

Women’s Month: UNICEF South Africa receives Mbokodo Award
26 August 2018 - In addition to commemorating the birth centenary of Nelson Mandela, the year 2018 also marks a century since the birth of another South African icon, Albertina Sisulu (or “Mama Sisulu” as she was known by the majority of South Africans).

UNICEF and Breastfeeding: Providing the best start for every newborn
2 August 2018 - South Africa celebrates World Breastfeeding Week annually in the first week of August and UNICEF has been active partner on this since its inception.

UNICEF believes in the power of dance
12 July 2018 - “This is my Safe Park and I feel safe,” is the enthusiastic shout of children as they energetically dance to the sounds of popular South African music at the Soweto Safe Park.

UNICEF staff members join 100 Men March against gender violence
Pretoria, 10 July 2018 - Amidst singing and chanting of “down with gender violence”, UNICEF staff joined the Hundred Men March through the centre of Pretoria in order to highlight the role of men in ending violence against women and children.

Child Protection Week 2018
June 2018 - Child Protection Week (CPW) in South Africa is an important fixture on the UNICEF calendar and has been commemorated since 1997. In a week-long series of programmes, campaigns and events, awareness is raised on the need to protect children.

Making care and support for teaching and learning a reality
13 June 2018 - All children and adolescents need care and support so that they can develop, participate and contribute to society.

“We have heard your call and would like to join hands:” UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore in South Africa
6 – 10 May 2018: From meeting the President of the country to being interviewed by youth reporters, from speaking with young mothers about their hopes and dreams to inspiring girl learners, Executive Director Henrietta Fore had a full and productive trip.

“Let’s Play”: UNICEF, SuperSport and WWE celebrate the power of sport to help foster violence-free schools
19 April 2018 - Statistics show that currently over 20% of learners in South Africa have either been threatened or experienced some form of violence in schools and 31% of school learners consume alcohol as a way to release stress.

Invitation: Inaugural National Conference on Care and Support for Teaching and Learning
April 2018 - The Care and Support for Teaching and Learning Conference:Consolidating our collective efforts is a collaborative partnership between the Department of Basic Education, UNICEF and MIET Africa to acknowledge and advance the importance ...

UNICEF South Africa Ambassador Gavin Rajah strengthens his commitment to end violence against children
21 March 2018 - As the country commemorated Human Rights Day, UNICEF South Africa Ambassador Gavin Rajah used the high-profile platform of AFI Cape Town Fashion Week to intensify his support of UNICEF’s national campaign to end violence against children.

UNICEF and the Nelson Mandela Institute: Helping make reading the passport to success
13 March 2018 - It is a reality that education is a necessary tool to break the cycle of poverty. This is particularly true in the rural areas of many developing countries, where generations are unable to advance economically due to not having the basic..

Canadian Deputy Minister visits Soweto Safe Park
5 March 2018 - “I feel safe here and nobody can bully me” asserts nine-year old Talent as he addresses Canada’s Assistant Deputy Minister of Global Issues and Development, Diane Jacovella at the Freedom Park Safe Park on the outskirts of Soweto.

Care and Support for Teaching and Learning: UNICEF and MIET working to leave no child behind
26 February 2018 - Funjwa Primary School is located on the outskirts of the town of Hoedspruit, bordering South Africa’s iconic Kruger National Park. Humid and lush vegetation characterise this part of the country, known as the ‘lowveld’.

UNICEF South Africa Ambassador Gavin Rajah visits Safe Park
12 February 2018 - In many impoverished areas of South Africa, too many children do not have a secure, conducive space after school. The Isibindi Safe Parks are managed by the National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW).

UNICEF School Address: Children’s rights are human rights
Pretoria, 21 February 2018 - An understanding of human rights by children helps foster tolerance, empathy and a sense of justice. With this in mind, the American International School (Pretoria campus) invited UNICEF to address their Grade 8 learners.

UNICEF South Africa hosts Next Gen visit
2 February 2018 - The UNICEF Next Generation (Next Gen) comprises a group of young leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in their 20s and 30s who commit their resources, resolve and enthusiasm toward supporting UNICEF’s lifesaving work.

UNICEF hosts Fellows of the International Centre for Journalists
1 February 2018: Following a request from the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), UNICEF South Africa hosted an information session where the issues around Early Childhood Development were presented and discussed.



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